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Dr. Eric Nepute facing $500B in FTC fines for promoting VITAMIN D3 and ZINC as COVID-19 treatments

Dr. Eric Nepute facing $500B in FTC fines for promoting VITAMIN D3 and ZINC as COVID-19 treatments

(Natural News) St. Louis-based chiropractor Dr. Eric Nepute faces federal fines of about half a trillion dollars for allegedly profiting from sales of vitamin D3 and zinc supplements.

The 27-page complaint filed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in April 2021 accused Nepute, 41, of profiting from the sales of supplements during the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. He sold vitamin D3 and zinc supplements, which have been proven to address COVID-19 infection, under the Wellness Warrior brand.

“Starting no later than June 2020, [Nepute] began advertising a protocol that customers should follow to protect against, prevent or treat COVID-19. This protocol, which has varied over time, advises consumers to take [daily] substantial quantities of emulsified vitamin D3 and zinc,” the complaint stated. “No published studies prove vitamin D protects against, treats or prevents COVID-19.”

The complaint added that Nepute’s “lack of factual or scientific bases for these claims [are] frequently accompanied by equally unsupported assertions regarding applicable science. In short, (the) defendants are selling their products by disseminating information, exploiting fears [amid] a pandemic and posting a significant risk to public health and safety.”

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Lawyers for Nepute have already filed a motion to dismiss the government’s case on summary judgment, including more than 10 million alleged violations of the COVID-19 Consumer Protection Act of 2020 and more than 12 million violations of the FTC Act. Each alleged violation carries a maximum civil penalty of $43,792 – which amounts to a total of more than $500 billion. This penalty, according to the chiropractor’s lawyers, exceeds “the gross domestic product of Austria, Nigeria and all but 25 nations.”

“The federal government is suing me for half a trillion dollars … for telling people to take vitamins,” said Nepute, who hosts “Real Talk with Dr. Eric Nepute” on Brighteon.TV.

“The only reason they’re coming after me – and they said this – is because I’m the first doctor they went after and they want to set a precedent. They said they wouldn’t stop until they had ‘blood on their sword.’ That’s literally from the FTC’s mouth.’

Tom Renz blasts FTC’s “wrongful prosecution” of Nepute

Ohio-based attorney Tom Renz, who serves as Nepute’s advisory counsel in the cases, blasted the “wrongful prosecution” of his client. Renz is also a host on Brighteon.TV, helming his own program “Lawfare with Tom Renz.”

“The problem with this is wrongful prosecution, in my opinion, because [Nepute] didn’t lie … or commit fraud,” the attorney told the Epoch Times. “He said this would bolster your immune system, and it’s true. Both [vitamin D and zinc] are well-known mechanisms for bolstering your immune system.” (Related: Real Talk with Dr. Eric Nepute: Vitamin D supplementation is effective in preventing COVID-19 – Brighteon.TV.)

“There is no basis of law for them to go forward on this. None. This is simply going after him because he was outspoken about using vitamin D and zinc, and he didn’t like the [COVID-19 vaccine] – that’s all it is. He had a big following and [the FTC] wanted to make an example out of him.”

According to Renz, infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci has also recommended that people take vitamin D supplements during an Instagram Live stream. He then asked why the FTC is not suing the White House chief medical advisor for doing exactly the same thing Nepute did.

For his part, Nepute has rejected any offers to settle out of court. He feels confident that his case is strong enough to go to trial in Missouri federal court, scheduled in March 2023.

“I’ve spent my entire life savings. I just sold some property … [and] a car. I’ve sold everything to defend myself. I could’ve taken a settlement and walked away, but that’s not the right thing to do.”

Nepute remarked that the FTC is pushing the case “because it’s political.” He added: “I’ve spent $3.5 million defending myself. The only tactic they have is to drag this out, so I can’t afford to take it to trial.”

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This video is from the Health Ranger Report channel on Brighteon.com.

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