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Dr. Scott Atlas says America may not survive the corruption, incompetence and FRAUD unleashed by the COVID-19 pandemic

Dr. Scott Atlas says America may not survive the corruption, incompetence and FRAUD unleashed by the COVID-19 pandemic

(Natural News) Besides his hawking of vaccines as the “cure” for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), Dr. Scott Atlas, who served as special adviser to the president from August through November, made some interesting points in a recent op-ed, published in The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), about the demise of America due to lockdowns and other plandemic restrictions.

Thanks to the media’s relentless politicization of the crisis, most Americans are still stuck at home with dwindling resources and no apparent future. Businesses are closed, children are prohibited from attending school as normal, and everything is falling apart – all for a virus with a nearly 100 percent survival rate.

It never had to be this way, Atlas suggests, but this is how it is. And he wants people to know that, contrary to establishment rhetoric, the Trump administration is not to blame for the destruction of just about everything that our nation has held near and dear throughout its relatively short history.

“No policy on any of these issues was set by the federal government, except those involving federal property and employees,” Atlas writes about the economic restrictions, stay-at-home orders, and mask mandates that still plague everyday American life,” adding that “all 50 states independently directed and implemented their own pandemic policies.”

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Not only that, but individual states and local municipalities are also the ones responsible for continuing such policies in the face of evidence showing that they do not work. Masks do not work, asymptomatic spread is not real, and keeping the economy closed is a much greater death sentence than just opening everything back up and living as normal.

“Governors in all but a few states – Florida and South Dakota are notable exceptions – imposed curfews, quarantines, directives on group gatherings, and mask mandates,” Atlas notes, adding that “cases” are still “surging” in most places, supposedly, despite government intervention.

Open back up, America!

Data gathered by Gallup and YouGov suggests that somewhere between 80-90 percent of Americans have been faithfully wearing masks as decreed by their local governments, and yet COVID-19 is still spreading. Perhaps this “solution” is not actually one, and is contributing to the problem?

The same goes for lockdowns, which not only were never proven to help but are actually now being shown to make it worse. Why, then, are Americans still being told to stay at home? And even more importantly, why are Americans still obeying the government sociopaths that are telling them to do it?

None of what is happening is constitutional, and all it would take to correct the tyranny is for a few good men and women to do something about it. The question is: Will they?

“For younger people, the lockdowns are so harmful, so deadly, there’s really no good justification,” warned Stanford University‘s Jay Bhattacharya, who would seem to agree that the governments all across our nation are doing things wrong.

The healthiest solution to the crisis is to open everything back up and forget this nightmare ever happened. Atlas is pushing vaccines as the gateway, just like Bill Gates is doing, but this writer’s perspective is that the vaccines are not only harmful but unnecessary.

Try as “they” might to manipulate us all into taking them, President Donald Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” vaccines are a no-go for anyone who has done his or her homework and come to the realization that mRNA reprogramming of DNA – you can learn more about mRNA technology at this link – is never a good idea, especially for a “pandemic” that is already over and done with.

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