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EcoHealth Alliance whistleblower Dr. Andrew Huff spills the beans to Mike Adams about DARPA, bioweapons and their ties to Wuhan

EcoHealth Alliance whistleblower Dr. Andrew Huff spills the beans to Mike Adams about DARPA, bioweapons and their ties to Wuhan

(Natural News) In promotion of his new book The Truth about Wuhan: How I Uncovered the Biggest Lie in History, Dr. Andrew Huff, a former EcoHealth Alliance vice president-turned-whistleblower, appeared with Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, this week to talk about all he saw and learned throughout the covid “pandemic.”

In the latest episode of the “Health Ranger Report” from, below, Huff talks about government corruption, bioweapons, Wuhan, China, where covid is now widely believed to have originated, and so much more.

Describing himself as “a product of 9/11,” Huff’s career began in the military. He eventually went to college and earned his PhD. Part of his doctoral thesis involved analyzing America’s food system for vulnerabilities to determine the best ways, hypothetically, to attack it.

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From this, Huff would make his way to Washington, D.C., to discuss this and other national security matters with high-level government officials. He would then be offered his choice of career, for which he chose to work at Sandia National Laboratories, a nuclear weapons and biologics facility.

The top-secret clearance Huff was then given allowed him to see the “other side” of biologics and public health, which is how he eventually found himself at EcoHealth Alliance, the Peter Daszak-run group tied to the development of covid. (Related: Huff previously stated that there is no way covid “naturally emerged.”)

Peter Daszak is “an evil person,” Huff reveals

What first drew Huff to EcoHealth as its “granola” mission, as he calls it, to protect public health through conservation. Its environmental perspective was a draw compared to the national laboratory systems where Huff had already decided he did not want to spend the rest of his career.

It didn’t take very long after getting hired at EcoHealth for Huff to realize that the group’s mission statement doesn’t match its actual work. He, along with the rest of us, now realizes that EcoHealth was involved with the creation of bioweapons, which is why he became a whistleblower.

One of the things that Huff learned very quickly after joining EcoHealth is that the group is involved in “minor financial fraud” or “double dipping.” Huff also discovered that his boss, Peter Daszak, is an “evil person.”

EcoHealth also had a program called “Predict” that on paper was all about preventing “the next pandemic,” but in actuality was a farce. Lots of money was spent on collecting coronavirus samples, but it was not producing results because it was based on pseudoscience – and Huff confronted Daszak about it.

“Everyone believes that Fauci was responsible for the gain of function work, but the truth of the matter is that the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, wink, wink CIA-lite,” Huff explains.

“USAID has a very humanitarian mission set, but it’s also been used by the CIA for 60 years to infiltrate other countries.”

It was USAID money, Huff says, that was used to link U.S.-based scientists working on gain of function research with their counterparts in communist China. This all started in 2012 and ultimately led to the release of covid in 2019.

The rabbit hole is deep with Huff’s revelations, which he unpacks even more during the rest of the interview and also in his book. Huff and Adams also discuss other pertinent matters such as the ongoing supply chain woes, the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines, the European energy crisis, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and so much more – be sure to watch the full episode at

You can also find the latest news about the covid scandal by visiting

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