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ELECTRIC CAR SCAM: Europeans could be paying $270 to charge their electric cars by early 2023 as electricity rates explode

ELECTRIC CAR SCAM: Europeans could be paying $270 to charge their electric cars by early 2023 as electricity rates explode

(Natural News) Record highs are being set around the globe for the cost of electricity, and countries in Europe are experiencing the worst of it. The entire scam of electric cars is now being realized by the majority of the populace, as they finally realize it costs more to own, maintain and ‘fuel’ an electric car than any standard gasoline-fueled automobile. Don’t believe it?

Right now, in Europe, it costs about $135 to charge a Tesla to full, and that price is on track to DOUBLE by the new year. That means it will cost $270 to fully charge the average electric vehicle (EV) in Germany and France. Currently, one euro is equal to one US dollar. That’s just the beginning of insane costs incurred to support the EV nightmare. Let’s do the math.

Electric vehicles cost SIX TIMES more to own and maintain than gas-powered vehicles, and still rely on fossil fuels to get charged up

The electricity that charges and fuels battery electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles comes from power grids, which mostly rely on fossil fuels. Oops. So much for all that bragging about that smaller carbon footprint. The price of an average electric car is a whopping $66,000 in the USA right now, and that price is increasing at over 13 percent every year. The monthly payment on that electric car will run you upwards of $1250. Expect Bidenflation to drive that price upwards significantly, and soon.

The typical 40kWh battery pack needed to charge most mainstream electric vehicles, when fully charged, lasts for about 150 miles. By the way, it takes around 8 hours to charge from empty-to-full with a 7kW charging point. What a nightmare. Now, the average person drives about 15,000 miles per year. That means they spend about $42,000 per year to charge an electric car to go the same number of miles a gas powered car would go. So charge that car all year for $270 to go 150 miles each time, and that’s 100 charges at $270 totaling $27,000 per year.

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Add the monthly payment of $1250 for 12 months to that ($15,000) and now you’ve spent $42,000 in one year to own and “fuel” that electric car next year. We still haven’t even calculated any maintenance plan or repairs, and guess what? A new electric car battery, should that battery die, on average right now costs about $14,000. So now you’re at $56,000, and you’re just one year in.

Meanwhile, the average gas-powered car gets around 30 miles (on the highway) to the gallon, and the average tank holds about 15 gallons, and the average price of gas in America is hovering around $4 per gallon. That’s expected to increase also. Let’s do the math on all of that and compare costs.

A full tank of gas costs $60, multiply that by 30 miles to the gallon, and you can travel 450 miles for $60. The average price of a decent new gas-powered automobile is around $45,000 now. Though that price is exorbitant, the monthly (lease) payment runs about $450. Add that up for a year ($5400) with a full tank of gas every week for a year ($3120), and you’ve spent about $8500.

The global warming scam governs the electric vehicle scam, while the Biden Regime cripples all resources for gas, diesel, electricity power

The renewable energy scam is well underway, and it will cost everyone a fortune they can’t afford, while crippling the nation under the guise of “saving the planet” from global warming, or climate change, or Al Gore, or something like that.

Welcome to the EV nightmare. Bottom line is that it costs 6 times more to own and run an electric car, so you’ll have to get a second and third job to cover those expenses, while driving MORE, using fossil fuels to charge your planet-saving vehicle, and going broke while starving to death all the while. Sounds like a grand plan from a communist regime running the republic we used to know. Don’t let the “Green New Deal” wreck our entire country forever. Stay smart. Stay frosty.

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