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Elementary school teacher admits “the goal” is to brainwash and confuse children about gender in order to recruit them as new LGBTs

Elementary school teacher admits “the goal” is to brainwash and confuse children about gender in order to recruit them as new LGBTs

(Natural News) An LGBT public school teacher who works at Mounds View Public Schools in Minnesota went viral this week after she admitted in a public social media video that “the goal” of her hideous androgynous look is to intentionally confuse her students into not being able to figure out whether she is a girl or a boy.

The teacher, who works specifically at Valentine Hills Elementary School in Arden Hills, a suburb of Minneapolis and St. Paul, expressed smug pride as she told her followers a story about how she overheard some students ask another teacher in the hallway if the teacher in the following video is male or female.

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Why did Valentine Hills Elementary School remove music teacher Kourtney Ryan’s bio from the school website?

It is being reported that the person seen in the above video is music teacher Kourtney Ryan. One parent revealed that she believes Ryan first started working at the school during the 2021-22 year – and in the above video, you can see her wearing a lanyard from Valentine Hills Elementary School.

The current webpage of “specialists” does not show Kourtney Ryan’s name. However, an archived snapshot of the same webpage from last week does list Kourtney Ryan, along with her contact information at the school – she is the only staff member listed who has no photo attached to her bio.

It appears as though Valentine Hills Elementary School scrubbed Ryan’s bio from its current page in order to protect her, now that her video has gone viral. Unfortunately for Ryan, the internet never forgets.

Since pretty much every other teacher at Valentine Hills Elementary School looks normal, it may have been decided by the school before she became a controversial figure to avoid showing the nose-ringed, androgynous Ryan. It might have upset some parents to see who was put in charge of teaching “music” to their little ones.

What appears to have happened is that Valentine Hills Elementary School tried to keep Ryan’s face hidden from parents even before she uploaded the above video. After the video was uploaded, Valentine Hills Elementary School tried to erase her from public view entirely, presumably in order to protect her.

“I am very upset that this teacher is saying that her goal is to confuse kids,” one parent of a student who attends Valentine Hills Elementary School is quoted as saying. “Her personal life has no place in an elementary school.”

“She is wearing a mask and her lanyard, which she wears while on the clock as a teacher paid by taxpayers.”

This same parent explained that Ryan once had her students engage in a “protest through music” exercise, this relating to the book “Change Sings” by Amanda Gorman. The two choices for topics that Ryan offered to her students were a prison hunger strike or Colin Kaepernick.

“This project felt more appropriate at the middle school or high school level,” the parent added.

Another parent of a former student of Ryan’s revealed that he actually pulled his child out of her class because of inappropriate lesson materials “about life, sexuality, and human development that parents should have with their children.”

“When an elementary teacher injects herself into that relationship between a parent and a child by making the child confused about gender and sexuality, they are violating the trust and relationship between a parent and child,” this parent added.

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