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European Union sentences hundreds of millions to perpetual poverty after passing new ‘carbon emissions’ bill

European Union sentences hundreds of millions to perpetual poverty after passing new ‘carbon emissions’ bill

(Natural News) Despite the fact that the lunatic left believes all humans who want to live a modern life are destroying the planet, the reality is, our societies cannot exist at their current level of success without fossil fuels.

Where there is an occasion to augment the production of energy with wind and solar, we ought to do that, but they cannot become our primary sources of energy production a) because there isn’t enough room for that many solar panels and wind farms; and b) even if there were, these sources of energy are not 100 percent reliable. No wind? Windmills don’t turn. No sun? Solar panels don’t gather rays and store energy.

But fossil fuels are 100 percent reliable and, frankly, using today’s technology, we can make them burn very cleanly. During Donald Trump’s term, America produced and burned more carbon-based energy and yet emissions actually fell.

Now, even as the continent struggles to power its economy, the European Union — following sanctions against Russian oil and natural gas due to Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine — has voted to sentence its citizens to permanent poverty.

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Breitbart News notes:

Having initially failed to pass the European parliament two weeks ago in part thanks to Conservative and Populist politicians voting against the measure, the EU has now managed to push through a further climate crazy clampdown on carbon emissions.

Being implemented despite the fact that many nations within the union are experiencing a crippling energy crisis, the move has been described by one MEP as condemning the EU to generations of poverty.

The EU’s “Fit for 55” plan involves cutting emissions across the union by 55 percent, and while they were initially rejected, they were approved late last week. The plan contains measures that greatly expand the EU’s scheme of carbon trading, which is something that critics say will result in much higher costs for individuals and businesses alike.

“By passing the Fit for 55 legislation, the European Parliament has condemned the European Union to have no future and its citizens to poverty for generations to come,” Cristian Terhes MEP told Breitbart Europe shortly after the EU parliament voted to implement the once-rejected measures.

“This legislation is part of the ‘ambitious’ plan of Ursula von der Leyen [the EU president] to change the behavior of Europeans through higher taxes and prices, as well as more restrictions,” the Romanian conservative politician noted further. “Not only will this legislation make the EU less attractive for businesses, but it will also push current businesses to escape the EU.”

He’s not the only one who believes shunning fossil fuels will result in economic disaster.

Larry Kudlow, one of then-President Donald Trump’s top economic advisers, warned in a recent interview that ditching fossil fuels will lead to country-destroying levels of unemployment.

Kudlow — during an interview earlier this month with Fox News’ Sandra Smith — was addressing remarks from Biden over the weekend during his trip to Asia in which he used the term “transition” often to signal his plans for the U.S. economy.

“Yeah, quiet part out loud. Defending essentially high gasoline prices. As you know, oil is at $120 a barrel today. I just want to tell you, any so-called transition to a green economy that ends fossil fuels would be an economic catastrophe,” Kudlow began.

“It would be a permanent recession. We couldn’t possibly do that or afford that. The job losses would be in the tens of millions. I am not exaggerating. A lot of first-rate economists have made the same point of view. So I’m leery of this transition,” Kudlow continued.

“And in Biden’s piece [June 1] in The Wall Street Journal, he starts talking about more investment credits and more tax credits for green. It’s the Green New Deal, you know, it’s a sheep in sheep’s clothing, it’s the Green New Deal masquerading as the Green New Deal,” he added.

“That dream, that craziness, that wokeness is going to destroy our economy. If that’s what they mean by transition, and I think it is, then we’re in for it,” he said.

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