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Evil: Pelosi and Schumer Block Coronavirus Funds

Evil: Pelosi and Schumer Block Coronavirus Funds

No help from the peanut gallery

President Trump has been trying to control the panic brought about by the 24/7 media coverage of the Coronavirus. By calming the waters, he hoped to avoid repercussions in the stock market and damage to the economy. After todays tumble in market prices, it looks like he will need a lot of help.

Never let a crisis go to waste

Well, this is too good an opportunity to ignore, and the Dem leadership and Dem presidential contenders are piling on as hard as they can. Nothing the president does is good enough or quick enough, especially when the goal of the Democrat party is to see the economy go into the toilet before the election.

This is shades of Hurricane Katrina, and the media is salivating at the opportunity to show bodies in the street, pointing the finger at this administration. Don’t fall for it.

There will be no help from your elected officials with a “D” behind their names, no matter how many Americans die or suffer. Losing a few thousand American lives is a small price to pay for getting Trump out of office in 2020!

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This Politico article provides some examples of Democrat foot-dragging and obfuscation, and a preview of things to come. you can bet the Tuesday primary debate will feature a lot of carping and armchair quarterbacking on how the president should be handling this potential threat.

The Trump administration sent to Capitol Hill on Monday night its $2.5 billion supplemental budget request for additional money to fight the coronavirus, but House Democrats immediately labeled it as insufficient, indicating a battle ahead in Congress over the emergency aid.

The administration’s request would require enhanced authority to move around federal funds — a non-starter with Democrats, who are already livid over White House moves to reshuffle existing federal funds toward the border wall.

Did you catch that? Pelosi is still grinding her store-bought teeth over the president securing the border by moving money around. So, she will be punishing you by not allocating the funds needed to fight the coronavirus…not without long delays and public bickering.

Moving the funds around would make them available immediately, but that might actually help reduce the Coronavirus impact on our nation—and make the president look good. But you can’t have that in an election year!

The package proposes using untouched money, including hundreds of millions of dollars in fiscal 2020 cash to fight Ebola.

Although Ebola is not an issue right now in the US, Pelosi is shrieking about robbing funds from this “very important” program. And the media is supporting her mindless rants.

Who do you think the Dems and their lackluster compatriots in the media will blame when the virus ravages our population?

Both Pelosi and Schumer ridiculed the presidential request as “too little, too late.” Yet they have done absolutely nothing to provide emergency funding, nor will they as long as the media covers for their foot-dragging.

Even establishment Republicans are taking this opportunity to slam President Trump, saying his 2.5 billion isn’t nearly enough, and his administration isn’t being transparent enough on how they plan to deal with the potential pandemic, as if transparency was anything but a fantasy in Washington.

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You can bet the anti-Trumpers in both parties will be hoping the voters get so delirious from the virus that one of their candidates starts looking good

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