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Exposed: For decades, the CIA funded evil experiments on Danish orphans

Exposed: For decades, the CIA funded evil experiments on Danish orphans

(Natural News) Danish Radio recently aired a report about how scores of children in Denmark, many of them children, were subjected to CIA-funded experiments during the 1960s and 1970s.

While the purpose of these experiments remains unknown, we know that what these poor children went through is a violation of the Nuremberg Code, which requires that anyone receiving any kind of medical “care” first give informed consent.

Per Wennick, one of the 311 participants who was subjected to these mysterious trials, put together an exposé about what he experienced and observed. He was 11 years old at the time, and he says an authoritarian orphanage in Copenhagen asked him if he wanted to try something “fun” at the local municipal hospital.

“It was vaguely described as an examination of how children ‘feel,’” reported Shadow Proof (as relayed by Blacklisted News). “Believing it would be a welcome diversion, he acquiesced and even received a small sum for his participation.”

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Wennick says he was forced to undergo a series of routine tests, one of which involved him having to listen through headphones to loud noises, screams and statements intended to scare him. Staff members strapped him to a chair while electrodes were placed on his arms, legs and chest to measure his heart rate, temperature and sweat levels.

Almost unbelievably, Wennick was subjected to this torture for 13 years until he reached 24 years of age. It was not until a decade after that, however, that Wennick learned that every visit he had with healthcare services throughout his life was reported to the Danish Psychological Institute for reasons that were never disclosed to him.

Danish experiments on orphans were part of the MKULTRA mind control program

Later, in 2018, while at a film festival in the United States, Wennick watched the documentary “Three Identical Strangers,” which tells the story of triplets who were deliberately separated at birth and offered up for adoption to families from different socioeconomic backgrounds in what is described as “a covert and highly unethical scientific ‘nature versus nurture’ study.”

It was at this moment that it finally dawned on Wennick that he, too, might have gotten caught up in a similar unethical experiment, which he then learned was the case and that the CIA was behind it.

After doing some digging, Wennick learned that his experiments were headed up by Zarnoff A. Mednick, a U.S. psychologist with a fetish for learning what differentiates schizophrenic patients from neurotypical people and patients with other disorders.

Mednick chose Denmark for his experiment because, like the U.S., it has a central population register for easy subject tracking. He collaborated with Danish professor Fini Schulsinger who constructed a study of 207 children with schizophrenic mothers, as well as a control group of 104 children without schizophrenic mothers, including Wennick.

Schulsinger later published a doctoral dissertation on the project, to which Denmark’s Ministry of Justice actually intervened to ensure that he did not have to undertake a “viva,” which is a public defense of his thesis. This was done to keep the survey’s background a secret.

Wennick kept on digging to uncover that much of the money for his experiment came from the Human Ecology Fund, a CIA front group and outgrowth of QKHILLTOP, one of a handful of mind control programs launched by the CIA in the 1950s to study alleged communist brainwashing techniques in order to develop interrogation strategies. This program was later absorbed into the infamous MKULTRA program.

“Altogether, Wennick’s investigation raises grim questions,” reported Shadow Proof. “Where else in the world might the CIA have supported unethical human experiments on vulnerable and defenseless youths, and why?”

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