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False flag coming: As U.S. inches closer to war, DHS releases report claiming “domestic extremists” are set to target the power grid

False flag coming: As U.S. inches closer to war, DHS releases report claiming “domestic extremists” are set to target the power grid

(Natural News) If the Democrat-aligned deep state is one thing, it is persistent in its efforts to tear down our constitutional republic and replace it with an authoritarian regime that more resembles the monarchy our founders rebelled against some 240 years ago.

The same corrupt government entities that used every opportunity to undermine Donald Trump and then steal his reelection from him are now plotting a massive false flag incident so they can target his conservative supporters and all under the guise of a ‘cyber attack’ on the U.S. power grid.

Earlier this week, the deep state released a ‘report,’ via the Department of Homeland Security, claiming that “domestic extremists” — this regime’s code for “Trump supporters” — are planning to target the U.S. power grid. That means, of course, that the regime is set to launch a false flag on the grid so Trump’s supporters can be blamed, rounded up, prosecuted and jailed like those who did nothing on Jan. 6, 2020, at the U.S. Capitol Building but stand on Capitol grounds or walk into the building (another obvious false flag, by the way).

The Associated Press reports:

Extremist groups in the United States appear to increasingly view attacking the power grid as a means of disrupting the country, according to a government report aimed at law enforcement agencies and utility operators.

Domestic extremists “have developed credible, specific plans to attack electricity infrastructure since at least 2020,” according to the report from the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis. The document, dated Monday, was obtained Tuesday by The Associated Press.

The report also claims that extremists “adhering to a range of ideologies will likely continue to plot and encourage physical attacks against electrical infrastructure,” which, at present count, amounts to around 6,400 power plants and roughly 450,000 miles of power transmission lines spanning the U.S.

But then, here comes the money quote from AP:

Experts on the U.S. power grid have pointed out that it would be difficult to knock out power to the nation given the size and decentralized nature of the grid. The DHS report also notes that attackers, without inside help at least, would be unlikely to produce widespread, multistate outages, though they could still do damage and cause injuries.

Then how, exactly, is this threat genuine? If our decentralized grid is impregnable to anyone without inside help, then isn’t that an admission that the deep state would be responsible for any widespread outages?

But of course, the reality is, this ‘report’ is just the regime’s latest attempt to advance the narrative that our country faces a ‘huge threat’ from Trump’s ‘extremists,’ though, without question, the most extreme elements in the country at present — BLM, Antifa, etc. — are all left-wing.

“It comes as both the FBI and DHS have repeatedly warned in recent months that the U.S. faces a heightened threat from domestic extremists,” the AP reports.

“They feel that disrupting the electrical supply will disrupt the ability of government to operate,” a federal law enforcement official told the AP on condition of anonymity, adding that power stations are most often located in remote areas and taking them out will foment distrust of government.

“And, secondly, by conducting attacks against the communications and electrical infrastructure, it will actually accelerate the coming civil war that they anticipate because it will disrupt the lives of so many people that they will lose faith in government,” the official said.

But a report from Forward Observer sent to subscribers on Wednesday indicates something else: Civil conflicts most often stem from major political divisions, and without question, the regime in power hates liberty- and freedom-minded individualism fostered by our founders and embraced by Trump.

“Civil wars become more likely when a country experiences a significant and rapid political change, such as an attempted transition to democracy or slip into anocracy,” the report said, citing a book by Barbara F. Walter, a former CIA analyst, titled, “How Civil Wars Start.”

We are heading for tumultuous times. Prepare yourself as best you can and expect the unexpected.

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