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FBI Targeting Law Enforcement Officers Dubbed White Supremacists For Purge As They Follow Tyrannical Orders

FBI Targeting Law Enforcement Officers Dubbed White Supremacists For Purge As They Follow Tyrannical Orders

It appears the Communist Chinese Party puppet Biden regime is coming after anyone who is in opposition to its ideology, plans, and actions. From military purges of constitutionalists/conservatives to ordinary citizens who espouse support for the Constitution and a reformation to founding and religious principles, the CCP Biden regime is pushing full steam ahead to criminalize freedoms and liberties. As of Thursday, February 11, 2021, The Washington Times reported the target is now law enforcement.

America’s cops are the victims of “McCarthyism from the left,” says a growing chorus of police officers bucking the narrative that White supremacists have infiltrated law enforcement agencies.

While officers concede some White supremacists may have entered their ranks, they say civil rights groups insisting it’s a ticking time bomb have exaggerated those numbers.

How many White supremacists are out there or wearing a badge is impossible to say because we simply don’t have the data, according to analysts.

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The major problem in looking at this issue is that there isn’t a lot of information,” said Brian Michael Jenkins, an expert on domestic terrorism who has testified before Congress on the threat of White supremacists. “You would think this would be a well-researched area, but one has to rely on anecdotal evidence or a study here or there.

We may never have a national picture of this issue,” he said.

A major hurdle to addressing racial militants in law enforcement is that few people can agree on the definition of White supremacy. Officers who may have made racially inappropriate comments on social media or cracked offensive jokes aren’t necessarily White supremacists.

My, my, my, how the chickens always come home to roost. Let me explain. The narrative that “white supremacists” have infiltrated law enforcement to the point of being a “ticking time bomb” is an outright exaggeration. That label is being applied to those individuals in any profession who support the Constitution in its entirety, consider him- or her- self to be Christian and conservative, and adhere to the founding principles of the united States. If that person supported Donald Trump and/or agrees with the evidence of the 2020 election interference/fraud/steal, then, you have a double bull’s eye on your back.

But, how is it that the chickens have come home to roost? Many law enforcement agencies have done the “bidding” of those elected to public office despite knowing the law does not support these office holders’ “orders” and in violation of the Rights of the people. Videos across the internet have shown police officers removing individuals from city council meetings or refusing entry to some because of the “orders” of elected officials. During the Trump campaign, before the 2016 election, police officers stood down when Trump supporters were attacked while trying to attend a Trump political rally as those in opposition to Trump received a “pass” on assault. The Baltimore, Maryland riots saw police officers stand down while private property was damaged, individuals were assaulted, and vandalism went unchecked. All of this on orders of the holders of public office in those areas.

This past summer, Antifa and Black Lives Matter groups were allowed to take control of an area in Seattle, Washington, attack police and private citizens, and engage in criminal activity as police were ordered to “stand down”. Even when the police stations and officers were attacked, police stood down – all upon “orders”.

Moreover, with unconstitutional COVID-19 non-pharmaceutical interventions being dictated by elected public servants, many, not all, law enforcement agencies have whole-heartedly engaged in enforcement. Here in the united States and elsewhere, citizens, who have committed no crime, have been assaulted, arrested, tazed, jailed, harassed for opening a business, and/or fined by law enforcement officers following dictatorial edicts. In short, those who are there to enforce the law are violating the law based on unconstitutional, unlawful, tyrannical orders. As elected public servants at all levels of government labeled citizens who peaceably assemble to oppose violations of the Constitution and the law as “domestic terrorists”, “insurrectionists”, and “White supremacists”, law enforcement agencies have been willing to do the bidding of those “servants”, even targeting those who only want to worship God freely in their desired place of worship.

Now, it seems the chickens are coming home to roost. Law enforcement agencies that did the bidding of the tyrants are now seeing those tyrants turning on them using fallacious reasoning.

The Washington Times continued:

Michael German, a former FBI agent who authored a report on White supremacy in law enforcement, said any effort to tackle the issue must avoid the appearance of unfairness. An individual exposed for telling off-color jokes on social media but who otherwise is a fine police officer could be fired because the racial climate has changed, he said.

That’s not the guy I’m worried about,” he said. “I’m worried about the guys who are the focus of racial violence incidents over and over again. Typically, when these officers get identified, they are the subject of many claims.”

The FBI is not bringing clarity to the debate.

A 2006 FBI report, which was made public last year, warned that White supremacists had penetrated the ranks of law enforcement to gather intelligence and disrupt investigations into activities of White supremacist groups.

The report, however, acknowledged that there is no credible evidence of a systemic effort by White supremacists to recruit law enforcement. It said claims about White supremacist infiltration were based on “sporadic reporting.”

Still, the FBI has instructed its domestic terrorism investigators to modify how they put information into its Terrorist Screening Center watch list so police officers searching for themselves or White supremacist associates could not learn whether they were under FBI scrutiny.

It is a pretty significant clue that White supremacy is so prevalent in law enforcement that the FBI is actually changing the way it does things,” Mr. German said.

Police groups say there is so little information that it’s nearly impossible for the FBI and others to draw firm conclusions about officers’ ties to radical racist ideology.

This “report” was so “significant” it took 14 years to be brought forward. Isn’t this telling in and of itself? It’s an excuse to implement a “purge” of police officers just like what is occurring in the military at this point. But, the little information the FBI has obtained will not stop it from carrying out the “orders of the tyrants”.

Executive Director of the National Fraternal Order of Police, Jim Pasco, stated, “We don’t even know for sure how many law enforcement officers are out there, and that’s basic information. So anyone who asserts that he or she has evidence that there has been this kind of infiltration in law enforcement needs to put up or shut up.”

Funny, were not citizens asking where was the law they violated when arrested or held for peaceable assembly, attending church services, opening their businesses, not wearing masks, and attending social gatherings? Of course. But, law enforcement officers were following the tyrannical edicts that had no basis in law or authority. Now, when the shoe is on the other foot, the executive director of the National Fraternal Order of Police is asking for evidence of “improper thoughts and actions” by their members. News flash – there doesn’t have to be any evidence or any law as citizens have witnessed time and again over the years.

The story goes on.

The attack on the U.S. Capitol last month by a mob of pro-Trump protesters, which included some law enforcement officers, reignited concerns about whether racist militants have co-opted police forces.

Politicians, press and civil rights groups accused U.S. Capitol Police officers of standing by and even letting rioters inside the building. Some pointed to videos appearing to show officers taking selfies with rioters. [This did happen as video and still photographs prove. However, what Pasco said tells the tale.]

The Capitol Police is the perfect example where there seems to be some level of cooperation or lack of animosity towards this group that is being incredibly violent towards them and you wonder what is going on,” Mr. German said.

Mr. Pasco, however, said there is no evidence that officers sympathized with the rioters. Those making such claims, he said, should say it to the officers “who got their asses kicked by White supremacists who verbally, physically and emotionally abused them in every way.” [And, how does Pasco know some of these were “white supremacists”? Isn’t he engaging in the same tactic as the FBI?]

Saying police wouldn’t have handled the riot that way if it were Black Lives Matter makes the assumption that police officers do whatever the heck they please,” he said. “They don’t decide when to be aggressive or when to be passive. They are told what to do, and they do it.” [Emphasis Mine.]

And, friends, there is the “tell all” – “they”, meaning police, “don’t decide when to be aggressive or when to be passive”; they are told when to be aggressive or passive and just do it. So, who is making the decision when to enforce the law and when not to enforce the law? And the follow-up question is “who is deciding how much force to be used and against whom”.

“These types of accusations put the onus on officers to disprove they have racist motivations for their actions.”

Pasco likened it to “McCarthyism from the left” and being a classic case of proving a negative. Moreover, racism is often in the eye of the beholder or subjective depending on the viewpoint.

Incidences cited include:

Philadelphia police officers standing down while “a mostly White mob armed with bats, clubs, and guns” attacked BLM activists after a “racial justice demonstration” – Philadelphia police claim there were not enough officers to disperse the crowd, carrying bats is not a crime, and some suggested it was laziness and/or maintaining a “tactical advantage”;

Officers across the country were wearing logos of “Three Percenters” and/or “Oath Keepers” and others, dubbed “far-right” militia groups, on their uniform resulting in suspension – supposedly members of those groups were involved in the January 6, 2021 capitol incident;

A Michigan police officer, in 2019, was fired after prospective homebuyers claimed the officer was “flying the Confederate flag”, which is really the Battle Standard of the Virginia Regiment, and had a “Ku Klux Klan application” in the home – an investigation proved this officer was neither a KKK member nor showed any racism in his job but was fired because of lack of community confidence.

Other incidences pulled on occurred in 1990 and 2005.

Some clear-cut evidence of White supremacy among law enforcement has emerged. In the 1990s, a group of California residents filed a civil rights lawsuit against a group of suburban Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies. A federal judge overseeing the case labeled the group “a neo-Nazi White supremacist gang.” In 1996, the county paid $9 million in settlements after concluding that the gang engaged in racially motivated violence. [Let’s take this with a grain of salt since it is well-known that courts and governments do not always adjudicate impartially or according to the law.]

In 2005, a Nebraska state trooper was fired for participating in a members-only Klan chat room.

Mr. German said the Justice Department needs to step in and create a national strategy to address the problem while listening to concerns that some police may be unfairly targeted.

Others, including President Biden, called for a national registry of officers who have been dismissed from their jobs and the reasons for their firings. Any department that hires an officer who was fired for racial offenses would lose its federal funding. [Emphasis Mine.]

Mr. Pasco said America is treading on a slippery slope for civil liberties.

The one thing that all police officers agree on is that there seems to be a trend toward throwing away the civil rights of police officers, including the right of due process and the right to confront accusers,” he said.

We can all agree there are good law enforcement officers in service to the public. Many have not engaged in violations, including tyrannical edicts with no basis in law concerning COVID-19 non-pharmaceutical interventions while others have. When those officers follow edicts, “orders” or dictates that violate the law and the Rights of citizens, they have become complicit in crimes as well as the tyrannical servant who issued the order. And, when not reporting violations by other officers, they engage in cover-up. It’s the old adage “I’ll feed the crocodile in hopes it will eat me last.”

Notice though how associations with black militant groups, Islamic terrorist organizations, BLM or Antifa are left out of this “litmus test” of police officers and organizations. Doesn’t this seem odd? Moreover, cities around the country, as well as some elected servants, are calling for defunding the police as citizens are urging against it. Despite many law enforcement agencies “following orders” and violating the people’s rights, the people recognize the importance of law enforcement and support the presence. Don’t the people deserve law enforcement officers and agencies that follow the law, support the Constitution and uphold the rights of the people?

Still, the chickens are coming home to roost. A racist, bigot traitor occupies the White House, as evidenced by comments and actions a year back, and several sit in Congress under police and military protection. Tyrannical public servants occupy offices in State and local governments – all receiving police protection. Law enforcement agencies have, for the most part, complied with dictatorial, tyrannical, lawless, unconstitutional COVID-19 edicts and others in violation of the Rights of the people using no lawful basis and engaged in medical tyranny. Law enforcement officers did what they were told instead of enforcing the law and upholding the Constitution. As citizens have assembled to petition government for a redress of grievances, exercised Rights, and engaged in freedoms, elected servants have dubbed these individuals as “insurrectionists”, “white supremacists”, and “domestic terrorists”, all while the law enforcement agencies complied.

The shoe is now on the other foot. It is police officers and their organization calling “foul”, demanding “civil rights”, due process, and to confront accusers. For all intents and purposes, law enforcement agencies have painted a double bull’s eye target on their own backs. That’s what happens when one just “follows orders” instead of standing on the law. Citizens don’t trust law enforcement officers who follow orders and do not know which officers follow the law or follow orders. Now, it seems, government doesn’t trust police officers whether order followers or not and are coming to “purge” whoever is deemed “unsavory” based upon “government’s” rules and subjectivity, the law be damned. Your thoughts, protected speech and associations are being dubbed criminal based on the edicts, not law, of some in government.

Sympathy is short for law enforcement agencies at this point in time because they minded not becoming the proverbial “brown shirts” of “regimes”. And, as history has shown, the purge happens among those who help the regime achieve power as well as against a regime’s opposition. It’s time to make a decision, law enforcement officers – either stand on the law, the Constitution, and adhere to it or follow orders despite the lawlessness of the order. As a word of advice – choose wisely because choices have consequences. As your National Fraternal Order of Police executive director said, “put up or shut up”.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

Suzanne Hamner (pen name) is a registered nurse, grandmother of 4, and a political independent residing in the state of Georgia, who is trying to mobilize the Christian community in her area to stand up and speak out against tyrannical government, invasion by totalitarian political systems masquerading as religion and get back to the basics of education.
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