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Female swimmer at UPenn claims trans teammate Lia Thomas is “mentally ill”

Female swimmer at UPenn claims trans teammate Lia Thomas is “mentally ill”

(Natural News) One of the teammates of transgender swimmer Lia Thomas has allegedly come forward with claims that Thomas is “mentally ill.”

The trans-NCAA “champion” is a biological male pretending to be a “female” who beat his actual female teammates due to his masculine strength. He made a recent appearance on “Good Morning America,” and the teammate responded to it by giving an anonymous interview with Christopher Tremoglie.

“You can tell he is mentally ill,” this person said. “I saw the [“GMA” interview] and was so disgusted.”

When asked to elaborate on what she meant by these statements, the anonymous teammate said that Thomas is self-absorbed and unconcerned with the pain he has caused his fellow female teammates (Related: Is Lia Thomas contributing to the demise of women’s sports?

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“She also mentioned the damage Thomas caused to female sports and the opportunities he took away from real female swimmers, both on UPenn’s team and the NCAA,” Tremoglie added about the interview.

“Lia’s experience was his alone, and many suffered so that he could benefit.”

The teammate added further that while Thomas identifies as a woman, “she is not a female.”

“That is a fact,” this person added. “It doesn’t matter how you feel.”

LGBT is a cancer to society

Thomas reportedly sees nothing wrong with using the same female locker room as his actually female teammates, even though he has male genitalia. He has also reportedly shown a lack of concern for how this makes the females feel to have to change their clothes around him.

“When asked about the question of fairness, Lia said, ‘Well, I’m happy,’ Lia completely ignored the question, dodged the question,” the swimmer added to Tremoglie.

“If you want to talk about happiness, what about everyone else’s happiness? What about mine? What about my teammates? What about the swimmers who Lia bumped out of medals at the NCAA championships? What about the girl who finished 9th and finals? The girl that finished 17th? The girl who finished second to Lia? What about their happiness? What about all their hard work?”

Nobody ever really cared about the damage that LGBT perversion was and is causing to society until it started affecting women specifically. Now that men are self-identifying as “women” and invading women’s sports, increasingly more reports like this are making headlines.

“To say, ‘Oh, well, I am happy,’ it is just so narcissistic,” the swimmer further complained.

“And to not even acknowledge how other girls might feel, it’s selfish and disgusting. It proves that Lia only cared about prioritizing Lia’s happiness above everybody else’s. It’s absurd … You don’t have an argument as to why this should be okay.”

Other swimmers on Thomas’ team reportedly appear in Daily Wire correspondent Matt Walsh’s new documentary, “What is a Woman?” One of them, masked by a silhouette, says that the University of Pennsylvania where they are enrolled tried to intimidate and silence fellow teammates of Thomas who raised concerns, calling them “transphobic.”

“There was a lot of things we couldn’t talk about that was concerning, like the locker room situation, if you even brought up concerns about it you were transphobic,” this other swimmer told Walsh.

“If you buy the lie that money is freedom, then you will buy the lie that a man is a woman or that a marriage can be homosexual,” wrote someone at Infowars, adding to the conversation.

“You bought the lie that the government, which steals from you by force of imprisonment and murders the righteous, is of God. Satan’s worldly puppets are not his elect. Don’t you know that God’s elect is the poor men, not the rich ones who lead you astray?”

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