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Florida OB/Gyn warns that infertility and miscarriages have spiked 50% since covid-19 vaccine rollout

Florida OB/Gyn warns that infertility and miscarriages have spiked 50% since covid-19 vaccine rollout

(Natural News) An OB/Gyn from St. Petersburg, Florida had the courage to go public with the serious rise in reproductive health issues that are taking place at the hospital where she works. Kimberly Biss, MD and OB/Gyn explained that her hospital is seeing an astronomical rise in infertility, miscarriage, abnormal pap smears and cervical malignancies that only started after the covid-19 vaccines were rolled out.

“I can definitely say since the vaccine rollout started; we have seen in our practice a decrease in new OB numbers which would be infertility by about 50%. We have also seen an increase in miscarriage rate by 50%. And I would say there is probably about a 25% increase in abnormal pap smears as well as cervical malignancies in our area.”

Pfizer, FDA tried to conceal data on covid-19 vaccines and miscarriage in trials

When a federal judge in Texas ordered Pfizer to release some 300,000 documents associated with the emergency use authorization of the mRNA covid-19 vaccine, teams of independent researchers began analyzing the data. At the forefront of the investigation was Dr. Naomi Wolf. In an interview with Steve Bannon on “War Room,” Dr. Wolf said that Pfizer tried to bury all evidence of spontaneous abortions and miscarriages.

“Pfizer took those deaths of babies – those spontaneous abortions and miscarriages – and re-categorized them as recovered-resolved adverse effects,” she said. “In other words, if you lost your baby, it was categorized by Pfizer as a resolved adverse event, like a headache that got better.”

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Indeed, the data showed 50 pregnant women took part in the initial vaccine studies and a shocking, 22 women (44%) lost their babies. This serious safety signal did not matter to the FDA or the CDC, because they both pushed for pregnant women to take the jabs during pregnancy.

Dr. Wolf warned that the “FDA was aware of the horrifying rate of fetal death by the start of April 2021 and were silent.”

The real risk of miscarriage for unvaccinated women exposed to the recently vaccinated

There were documents from Pfizer that warned about “occupational exposure” to the vaccine’s spike protein. Pfizer kept this occupational exposure data separate from the clinical study. Under section “ Occupational Exposure” of their own study design documents, Pfizer warns that caretakers and close contacts of the recently vaccinated could be exposed to spike proteins. These spike proteins, translated and synthesized in the cells of the vaccinated, can negatively affect unvaccinated pregnant women and their fetuses, and breastfeeding women and their newborn babies either through “inhalation or skin-to-skin contact.” Pfizer instructed vaccinated participants to list all their contacts, as risk of occupation exposure is high in the first 24 hours. The risk of vaccine spike protein shedding to fetuses and a woman’s reproductive health could be more extreme than previously thought, for the occupational exposure data also includes any “male family member or healthcare provider who has been exposed to the study intervention by inhalation or skin contact” and then “exposes his female partner prior to or around the time of conception.”

Because of this reality of shedding, any studies that compare the rate of miscarriage in vaccinated and unvaccinated populations are not genuinely representing the total risks of the vaccine on reproductive health for all women. If the unvaccinated population can be “occupationally exposed” to spike proteins from the recently vaccinated, healthcare workers, and their contacts, then any data collected on miscarriages and infertility could, by default, be similar across both vaccinated and unvaccinated populations, due to deliberate, widespread “shedding” of the vaccine’s spike protein. In other words, the risk is great for both the vaccinated pregnant woman and the unvaccinated pregnant woman.

The release of these bioweapons and depopulation vaccines constitutes some of the greatest crimes against humanity ever seen in world history. Hopefully more doctors and nurses will come forward with real world observations, like Dr. Kimberly Biss did in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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