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Food processing facilities all across America are mysteriously burning down: Why?

Food processing facilities all across America are mysteriously burning down: Why?

(Natural News) Over the past month, at least five major food processors across four different states have burned down or had planes crash into them. Is it all just a big coincidence, or is something more nefarious going on?

The most recent incident took place at Azure Standard’s joint headquarters and warehouse facility in Oregon, which mysteriously burned to the ground on the night of April 18.

Azure Standard is the nation’s premier independent distributor of organic and healthy food. An email alerting affiliates to the damage explained that “basically any … liquid product,” including honey, oil, and vinegar, will now be out of stock as a result.

Azure Standard also lost its fruit packing and carob product facility, though the silver lining is that fruit harvesting season has not yet come so the losses are less than what they could have been.

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“The blaze appears to have received almost zero media attention, only being covered in a terse rewrite of the press release by small town media outlet Columbia Gorge News and the Columbia Community Connection News (CCC) blog,” reported Vision Times.

A local county sheriff’s log stated that the “lights flickered” at the time when the blaze started, followed by a “pop.” Officers went to check out the situation and noticed the fire.

By the time emergency crews arrived, however, the blaze was large and bursting through the roof. The fire was also difficult to put out because the building was “loaded with fuels including vegetable and nut oils made from canola, coconut and olives,” the flames from which require foam-based products to smother.

Is America’s food supply being targeted with malice?

On April 13, less than a week prior, a similar incident occurred at Taylor Farms in California. Between 85-95 percent of the company’s major food processing is now a “total loss.”

Roughly 1,000 people worked at the facility, and while some parts of the building are still operational, “the main processing facility,” said Deputy Fire Chief Sam Klemek, is “considered a total loss.”

Since 35,000 pounds of anhydrous ammonia were being held on site at the time of the blaze, local residents were given a shelter-in-place order to avoid injury or death caused by a possible explosion.

“Taylor Farms is a major player in the food supply chain for both Canada and the United States,” reported Vision Times. “According to a company press release, the firm was recognized by Walmart as its 2022 Food Supplier of the Year in March.”

Then we have Gem State Processing in Idaho, which had an airplane crash into its main plant on the very same day as the Taylor Farms fire. No employees were injured, but the pilot of the plane died.

Unlike the other two incidents, the Gem State Processing plant was mostly undamaged.

A fire that occurred on March 28 at the Maricopa Food Pantry in Arizona, however, resulted in 50,000 pounds of food going up in smoke “just 15 minutes after their food bank closed,” reported CBS affiliate “Arizona’s Family.”

Company president Mike Connelly described the blaze as being “40-50 feet in the air” and “just pure black smoke (that) engulfed the entire neighborhood.”

There was also Shearer’s Foods, which about a week before that suffered a boiler explosion and subsequent fire that destroyed its potato chip plant in Hermiston, Ore.

Several employees had to be hospitalized, and the official story is that the boiler was “defective” and “installed in a hallway rather than in an enclosed boiler room.”

Other recent incidents include a fire at a Texas-based Rio Fresh onion processing facility on March 31, as well as a massive March 16 fire that mostly destroyed a Walmart fulfillment center in Plainfield, Ind.

More related news about the attack on America’s food supply can be found at Evil.news.

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