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Forbes tries to discredit Project Veritas but FAILS miserably

Forbes tries to discredit Project Veritas but FAILS miserably

(Natural News) Big pharma’s favorite way to cover up their atrocities, once exposed, is to try to discredit the source of the exposure, whether that source is one of their own, or a journalist or reporter who brings their criminalities to light. Often times, their attempts at this discrediting of a source are futile, to say the least, and the following example definitely epitomizes one of those times.

Recently, tried to discredit a first-hand source of their own for admitting on video to the mass-media-censored Project Veritas that Pfizer is engaged in nefarious activities with an active, deadly mutation of the Covid-19 virus.

A man by the name of Jordon Triston-Walker was literally bragging about Pfizer’s insidious plot to spread new lab-concocted versions of Covid and then bankroll off the populace with more of their deadly mRNA jabs. Now Forbes is pathetically trying to discredit the accidental whistle-blowing with a new character assassination using media confusion tactics and propaganda that they are already so seasoned at utilizing.

Google searches for Pfizer’s accidental whistle-blower turn up empty, as identity of Pfizer cohort gets erased by MSM and the VIC

The vaccine industrial complex is very powerful, not only because they have some of the deepest pockets on the planet, but they have control over Google, YouTube, all of social media, and even LinkedIn. Now that one of Pfizer’s inside sources has exposed some of their sinister plots regarding the ever-mutating China Flu and the deadly jabs that make things even worse for billions of humans, they’re running cover on all fronts to bury the video, Project Veritas, and their own humiliating source.

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Remember, Forbes is the outfit that published all kinds of misinformation about chemical pesticides being healthy for humans and perfectly safe for agriculture and the environment (recalling fired Forbes writer and GMO-apologist Jon Entine). Forbes pushes just about everything that decimates human health as safe and effective, including supporting and backing the shills that propagate the cancer-causing chemicals of agriculture and healthcare industries (think GMOs, chemotherapy, and vaccines here).

Forbes supports everything Pfizer and accepts donations and funding to push their misinformation scripts, falsified research, and propaganda

From articles, press-releases, biographies, resumes, hit pieces, and the straight up funding of propaganda, Forbes is a no-holds-barred organization that consistently publishes misinformation that supports dangerous medicine, vaccines, pesticides, and herbicides across the board. Paid so-called “experts” get hundreds of thousands of dollars to regurgitate false information about the safety and efficacy of medicines and vaccines manufactured and marketed by the repeat offenders at Pfizer.

Now Pfizer and Forbes are working together to cover their tracks, after getting exposed on video by Project Veritas, and it’s getting uglier by the day. Major publications like Forbes go out of their way to cover up atrocities for the pharma giants, and this incident is no exception.

The folks at Pfizer have a long rap sheet of criminal conduct and offenses where they’ve been caught red-handed pushing toxic treatments that harm millions of humans, and they usually get away with a slap on the wrist, in the form of fines and lawsuits that pale in comparison to their windfall profits. When you look up the term “too big to fail,” there should be a whole book written about Pfizer, and if it were, it would be authored by the shills at Forbes. It’s a sad state of affairs that there are not multiple people from Pfizer and Forbes serving hard time for misleading millions of people and conning them into taking deadly medications, vaccines, and eating toxic food.

Bookmark to your favorite websites for truth news about Big Pharma and their media shills that’s being censored from the rest of media as you read this.

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