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Forensic analysis: More than 790,000 votes were “laundered” in Arizona

Forensic analysis: More than 790,000 votes were “laundered” in Arizona

(Natural News) A forensic analysis of the election results in Arizona has revealed that a shocking 790,175 votes throughout the state were “laundered” in order to throw the election for Joe Biden.

Eight counties in Arizona were directly impacted by the scheme, while the other seven do not appear to have been fixed. Tampering with these eight, however, was enough to push Biden over the top.

What appears to have happened is that absentee ballot “dumps” were incrementally thrown into the mix as needed to keep President Donald Trump from stealing the show. Every time Biden started to lag behind, more absentees were injected to keep him in the running.

This is clearly evident when taking a look at the data sheets, which show votes flip-flopping between candidates and even disappearing entirely in certain areas. All in all, 790,175 votes were tampered with in some way, and had they not have been, Biden clearly would have lost Arizona.

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“If votes are preloaded into the absentee bucket that’s hidden from public view, and if one candidate’s votes rise faster than another, then these can apparently be switched from bucket to bucket until the desired result is achieved,” the narrator of the below video explains around the 2:25 mark:

A full forensic audit of all Dominion Voting Machines systems is necessary to uproot election fraud

Later in the video, you will see a spreadsheet showing the breakdown in a different way. The negative numbers in red depict votes that were removed from one candidate’s column and placed into the others. In some cases, votes were simply removed and placed nowhere.

This raw data definitively shows that voter fraud occurred in Arizona, and that the Secretary of State used this same raw data to certify fraudulent results. The question remains: Will anything actually be done about it?

The Arizona State Senate is attempting to seize and inspect all of the ballot counting machines in Maricopa County, one of the eight counties identified as propagating voter fraud. This effort may end up proving to be fruitless, but at least there is an attempt being made to right the wrong.

“There is evidence of tampering; there is evidence of fraud,” says Chairman Eddie Farnsworth (R-Gilbert), who believes a full forensic audit will reveal the true “veracity” of the 2020 election results.

Subpoenaing these machines will “ensure that at least the legislature has a process in place” to address the allegations of “tampering, manipulation, and fraud.”

In other states, similar audit attempts are taking place in an effort to correct fraudulent vote weighing, where votes for Trump were counted as less than votes for Biden. In one area, machines reported individual votes for Trump at only 87 percent, while Biden’s votes counted as 113 percent.

“Eighty and more million of us request that you use the Insurrection Act, suspend the December Electoral College vote, and set up military tribunals immediately, to properly investigate and resolve the cyber warfare 11-3-2020 election issue,” wrote one person on Twitter before the Electoral College cast its votes on Dec. 12.

“Further, we request you suspend the Jan. 6 GA Senate runoff race, and the January inauguration until this issue is resolved.”

Back in Arizona, we know for sure that at least one county witnessed a “faulty upload” that resulted in thousands of votes for Trump being incorrectly attributed to Biden. This “error” was later corrected.

“I trust our election system,” stated Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey in response to the news. “There’s integrity in our election system.”

More related news about election fraud can be found at You can also support attorney Sidney Powell’s efforts to fight voter fraud by visiting her website.

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