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Former CDC director warns that “science” has turned to thuggery and threats while evidence and facts are ignored

Former CDC director warns that “science” has turned to thuggery and threats while evidence and facts are ignored

(Natural News) Robert Redfield, a former head of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), warns that the field of science, so-called, has become little more than mass deception fueled by thuggery and threats.

Anything real that might come out of it is quickly squelched, especially when a government narrative is threatened. Such censorship has been on full blast ever since the advent of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), which is arguably the most politicized example of fake science to manifest yet.

From the start, the plandemic has been skewed from every angle except towards the truth. Lie after lie has fueled the lockdowns, mask mandates and now the vaccine push, which is reaching a fever pitch as the Biden regime strives to get all Americans “vaccinated.”

The origin of the Chinese Virus has also been heavily politicized. The medical fascists would have us all believe that it originated in bat soup at a Wuhan market when the reality is that it was probably cooked up by America’s military-industrial complex with the help of the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV).

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At the time when Redfield tried to present this narrative as a plausible option, he was “sidelined” and “threatened,” he says. To even suggest that the Wuhan Flu was manufactured rather than a freak accident of nature was like committing an unforgivable sin. There were even death threats involved.

Conformity is what rules “science” in today’s world

Some of the medical deep state eventually came around to Redfield’s proposed version of events, but it did not come without a fight. He was repeatedly harassed and threatened for going public with it, he says.

“I think what you have seen over the last 18 months is no new evidence to suggest that this evolved from nature,” Redfield told Fox News host Martha MacCallum. “Haven’t seen any evidence of it being associated with any of the animal species they’ve tested, over 80,000 animals.”

“But we have seen growing evidence to support that this in fact was a consequence of a laboratory leak. So, I continue to believe of the two hypotheses that the laboratory leak is the most likely origin of this virus,” he added.

You can watch that interview for more details.

Once Joe Biden was installed as “president,” Redfield was obviously let go, which further buried his theory while propping up the bat soup narrative, which he says he was “disheartened” to see occur.

The idea that the Wuhan Flu could have been cooked up in a lab has been so broadly rejected by establishment “science” that it will perhaps never go away, just like the plandemic itself, it would seem.

“And I think I’m very disheartened when I have seen how the scientific community failed to approach both hypotheses with an open mind,” Redfield laments. “I mean I was very rapidly sidelined, threatened and really sort of outed because I believed as a virologist that this virus may have come from the laboratory.”

To reject what Redfield proposed without so much as an inquiry into it is the exact opposite of science. And yet this narrow-minded approach continues to be propped up by the establishment as “real science” – as if questioning the government’s claims is somehow anti-scientific.

Anyone who dares to buck the conformist trend on a particular issue is typically bullied by the thugs from the Religion of Science who refuse to tolerate any viewpoints or propositions that challenge their own.

This is how tyranny turns into genocide, by the way. When there is only one version of “science” that is acceptable, atrocities often follow as the unbelievers are punished for their non-conformity.

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