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Former Facebook fact checker reveals that social media is being used as a weapon to force compliance with global communism and medical Marxism

Former Facebook fact checker reveals that social media is being used as a weapon to force compliance with global communism and medical Marxism

(Natural News) A former Facebook Fact Checker came out and revealed how “fact checking” really works. The details were published on LinkedIn by Jean-Pierre “Raven” Gregoire. Facebook is rapidly censoring anyone who doesn’t go along with controlling guidelines. Facebook will only allow information on covid-19 if it supports the narrative of shut-down-mask-up-separate-isolate-and-vaccinate. Facebook’s belligerent censorship of health freedom advocates, conservatives and patriots is only the beginning. Facebook is being weaponized to manipulate users into intellectual submission — forcing acceptance of left-wing policies, medical Marxism and global communism via “The Great Reset.”

“I can’t say this on Facebook, but I feel it’s important to say. I was a Facebook Fact Checker. And your conspiracy theories about Facebook, are more true than you realize,” wrote Gregoire, who worked as a third-party contractor for Appen, a Facebook Fact Checking organization. The company is located in Canada and coordinates with a company in India to stifle the free speech of Americans.

Facebook singles out conservative, patriotic, and health freedom posts and feeds them to foreign “fact checkers”

Gregoire said that Mark Zuckerburg cannot directly censor anyone on the platform because Facebook is an open platform. Instead of censoring people outright, Facebook uses several third-party companies to “Fact Check.” This is how Facebook censors its users legally and controls the narrative across the social media landscape. But the censorship is bigger than Zuckerburg and his views.

Facebook, like other Big Tech companies, controls a significant portion of information that people see and read on a daily basis. Knowing this, special interests, governments, and those with political and business interests are constantly trying to influence the leaders of Facebook. If these special interests can restrict the flow of competing information and snuff out dissent on important topics, then they can successfully brainwash entire swaths of people into accepting their plans, products and visions.

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This corruption and manipulation show no semblance to a free market. Shutting down the free flow of ideas is oppressive and un-American. Facebook and other Big Tech platforms have become weaponized thought control systems used for tyrannical means.

Facebook being used as a weapon to manipulate the world to accept medical Marxism and global communism

Rich and powerful figures like Al Gore, Justin Trudeau, Bill Gates, George Soros and Klaus Schwab are working toward a new world order – a global reset – that institutes a new global economy. These officials are in cahoots with Zuckerburg and will control content across Facebook to mirror their vision for the future.

Gregoire said that content is sent directly to the fact checkers if it contains conservative ideas and terms. When left-wing posts are flagged for violence, the fact checkers ignore them, even when they violate Facebook’s terms of service or federal law. When the government cracks down on Facebook, the social media company passes the blame to the foreign fact checkers, a matter that is out of the government’s jurisdiction.

According to Gregoire, Facebook created a program that “feeds posts automatically into our service.” Facebook algorithms are actively analyzing content in posts and sorting out common images and lines of text. Anything on their blacklist is automatically flagged and sent overseas to the fact checkers. The fact checkers do not search for conservative posts; it is Zuckerburg and his team who automatically detect them and send them over for deletion. This Facebook algorithm will discredit an entire article if it contains just one phrase that supports conservative principles or ideas. This tactic is deployed against health freedom advocates as well.

Gregoire said, “as long as we all push the same idea, what we say becomes truth. That’s standard psychology and Americans are the easiest to manipulate with this.” Gregoire said the fact checkers write articles and cite their own articles as evidence. “We only allow members to join us if they pass a test, this test is an opinion-based survey, however, they must answer all left leaning, or they are not allowed to join, we won’t be diluted.”

Gregoire now warns that China understands this system and is doing everything they can to make sure that all evidence of election fraud is whitewashed and the coordinated attempt to overthrow a duly-elected President is made complete by mass manipulation of the American people. Gregoire said that many members of Congress are in on the “Great Reset,” including Biden and Harris. Gregoire said part of their plan is to spark a race war to create insurrection, as was done throughout 2020.

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