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Former NIH head Frances Collins touts using threat of unemployment to push COVID vaccine compliance, leaked recording reveals

Former NIH head Frances Collins touts using threat of unemployment to push COVID vaccine compliance, leaked recording reveals

(Natural News) Just as there are term limits for presidents, there should also be term limits for the country’s top bureaucrats, as evidenced by a leaked audio recording of former National Institutes of Health Director Dr. Frances Collins, who is now Joe Biden’s chief ‘science adviser.’

According to The Daily Wire, which exclusively obtained the audio, Collins’ previous claims that he and his one-time dupe, Dr. Anthony Fauci — who has run the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since early in Ronald Reagan’s first term — are political neutrals was revealed as absurd.

In addition to his belief that the government has the authority to mandate vaccines, which was based on a 1905 Supreme Court case, he also made it clear that people should be tossed out on the street and lose their sources of income if they refuse to get one.

And, of course, since he’s a left-wing bureaucrat, he had a disdain for President Donald Trump.

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“The audio originated from an Institute of Politics event on October 26 of last year, which was hosted by Christianity Today theologian Russell Moore at the University of Chicago. Institute of Politics was founded by David Axelrod, an adviser to former President Barack Obama,” Breitbart News noted, citing the report.

After Collins was introduced as a personal friend by Moore as well as a member of his book club, the conversation pivoted to a discussion of vaccine mandates, in which the former NIH director said that there was “no question” in his “mind that the mandates” Biden issued about a month earlier “are legal,” adding that people who refuse to take them should be threatened with unemployment.

“The US government does have the authority to mandate vaccinations if there is an outbreak that is threatening people, because it’s not just about you, it’s about the people you’re going to infect,” Collins claimed, despite the fact that an overwhelming amount of evidence at the time showed that even vaccinated persons could be infected with COVID and spread it to others.

“Do [mandates] convince people who otherwise wouldn’t get them?” Collins reportedly asked himself rhetorically before answering, “Oh yeah, especially if it means losing your job.”

The Daily Wire noted further:

As evidence, he described how successful the threat of unemployment was at persuading vaccine-hesitant NIH employees and contractors to get vaccinated. When Collins made it clear to the 2,000 out of 46,000 workers who had still declined to take the jabs that they were “in serious danger of being fired in the next month if they [didn’t] do something about it,” Collins said he got a “big response.”

“Reality [was] sinking in,” Collins explained, so that even the “pretty darn resistant” chose to get the vaccine.

He then chuckled, “You get the feeling that their resistance was not maybe quite that deeply seated,” while going on to speculate that deep down, many unvaccinated people may actually want to get the vaccine but resisted doing so out of peer pressure.

“They’re sort of thinking to themselves, you know, maybe I really should do it, but if I do, I lose my credibility with my peeps,” Collins said.

According to the Biden ‘science’ adviser, the mandates provided such people with an excuse to take the jab.

“‘Well, my employer made me do it. I didn’t really want to get them.’ They get, you know, bonus points, because they’re now a victim. But they’ve also gotten the mandated vaccine that they kind of wanted anyway,” he said.

After going on to rap evangelical Christians for pushing personal liberty allegedly at the expense of personal responsibility, Collins then showed his abject partisanship by blaming then-President Donald Trump for coronavirus deaths while ignoring the fact that under Biden there have been more.

“Great harm was done to the people in this nation by a very, very self-involved and misguided president in the previous administration,” he claimed, throwing gasoline on an already raging partisan fire in our country.

“Hundreds of thousands of people have died who should not have had to do so,” Collins said. “And so there was an effort to try to distract from that dreadful circumstance by finding somebody else to blame.”

What a pathetic little man.

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