Former Trump Speechwriter: Gen. Hayden ‘Laughed In My Face’ When I Said We Should Restrict Immigration Instead Of Invading Foreign Lands to Keep U.S. Safe

Former speechwriter for President Donald Trump, Darren J Beattie, said Monday night on Twitter that General Michael Hayden laughed in his face back in 2013 after he suggested we should keep America safe from terrorism by restricting immigration instead of “invading countries or dramatically enhancing domestic surveillance.”

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Here’s the full quoted tweet:

“I will never forget a small lunch I had with @GenMHayden in which I suggested that instead of invading countries or dramatically enhancing domestic surveillance, we might deal with terrorism by restricting immigration,” Beattie said. “He laughed in my face.”

Beattie said the incident happened on November 11, 2013 when he was employed by the political science department at Duke University.

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