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France shocked by murder of 12-year-old girl who was brutally raped, stuffed in suitcase; 4 Algerian migrants charged

France shocked by murder of 12-year-old girl who was brutally raped, stuffed in suitcase; 4 Algerian migrants charged

( Natural News ) The entire country of France was shocked to its core last week after news spread of the vicious murder of a 12-year-old girl allegedly by four Algerian migrants.

According to reports, the tweener, identified only as Lola, was found bound and stuffed in a suitcase with a deep slash in her throat. Authorities determined that she had been raped.

Four suspects — all from the same Algerian village — were arrested for the crime, according to Remix News : Dahbia B., Amine K., Friha B., and Rachid N. One of them may also have been in the country illegally, the report stated, adding:

The body was found in a suitcase curled up, shackled, with a deep wound in her throat, and marked with inscriptions. According to the autopsy, carried out on Saturday, her death was due to asphyxiation. One of the suspects in the case have been charged with “murder of a minor under the age of 15 in connection with a rape committed with acts of torture and barbarism,” “rape of a minor under the age of 15 with acts of torture and barbarism,” and “concealment of a corpse.” Although there was no mention of sexual violence when the story first broke, the latest details from BMFTV allege the girl was also raped.

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In addition, police have said that “a device” was utilized to imprint numbers “one” and “zero” on the girl’s body, but Remix News added that authorities did not provide any further details as to how the imprinting took place.

The girl’s father reported her missing on Friday after she failed to return from classes at Georges-Brassens College, which is located behind the building where she was discovered. Her mother went to a Paris police station to report her missing, said a police report. She also put a desperate message on social media asking others to be on the lookout for Lola, noting: “Our daughter Lola was last seen at 3:20 pm in the company of a woman we do not know in our residence.”

Police have also arrested two women, one of whom is 24 years old and apparently asked a local resident on Friday to help her carry a large trunk to her car. Authorities said that the two women taken into custody are sisters and that one of them is homeless.

Remix News adds: “The Paris prosecutor’s office stated that the 24-year-old woman raped and murdered the suspect. Police say she spoke ‘clearly’ to investigators, apparently disclosing key evidence in the case, according to BFMTV . A second suspect, in his 40s, is suspected of having helped the younger perpetrators transport the body. A second male was also arrested.”

A friend of the murdered girl told BFMTV : “We were still laughing on Friday, I didn’t realize what would happen.”

“Lola, 12, brutally murdered in the 19th arrondissement of Paris. Four Algerians in custody. Our youth is being slaughtered while professional mourners chase imaginary Islamophobia,” wrote Stéphane Ravier, senator for Bouches-du-Rhône, on Twitter.

National Rally parliamentary leader Marine Le Pen also noted: “Once again, a terrible assassination. A little girl massacred in the middle of Paris. One day, it will be necessary to go to the end of the investigations to find, not only the direct culprits, but also to stop the crazy policies which make these crimes possible.”

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