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FRAUD: Wisconsin supposedly achieved an impossible 88% voter turnout, but it was really just Dem ballot fraud

FRAUD: Wisconsin supposedly achieved an impossible 88% voter turnout, but it was really just Dem ballot fraud

(Natural News) Despite gaining 200,000 more votes in Wisconsin this time around compared to the 2016 election, President Trump and those who voted for him are now being told that Biden somehow squeaked out a magical victory there overnight thanks to hundreds of thousands of mystery ballots that showed up right at the last minute to push him over the edge.

It is important to note that Trump was more than 100,000 votes ahead of Biden in Wisconsin as of 2am EST when the president spoke to the nation and announced that legal action would probably be necessary to keep the Democrats from stealing the election. And sure enough by morning when America woke up, Trump was all of a sudden behind Biden, resulting in the latter being declared the winner of Wisconsin.

A circulating graph of Wisconsin’s vote count reveals clear fraud as in the middle of the night under the cover of darkness, the vote count for Biden mysteriously shot straight up – a statistical impossibility – to just exceed Trump’s vote count. If you look closely at it, the final count at 6am shows Biden just a touch above Trump, which was enough for the deep state to declare him the winner.

Meanwhile, Trump is more than half a million votes higher than Biden in the key swing state of Pennsylvania, though the mainstream media refuses to declare Trump the winner there. In Wisconsin, however, Biden is now the winner, according to fake news, with just a slight, and obviously fraudulent, edge over Trump.

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“Milwaukee was supposed to report at 1am,” noted one political commenter on Twitter. “Then they delayed until 2am. Then delayed until 3am … At 3:30am, Biden overcomes a 4.1 lead.”

There’s no way nearly all registered Wisconsin voters participated in election

As uncovered by Mike Coudrey, there are barely the total number of registered voters in Wisconsin to account for the new vote tally there that is being spread around by the mainstream media as “evidence” that Biden miraculously beat Trump at the midnight hour.

At first, Coudrey reported that there are only 3,129,000 million registered voters in Wisconsin, a figure that was later updated to 3,684,726 after The Gateway Pundit paid a visit to the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) website. Meanwhile, the total alleged number of votes cast in Wisconsin is clocking in at around 3,239,920.

Using the higher registered voter number, this would imply that 88 percent of registered voters in Wisconsin participated in the Nov. 3 election, which is unprecedented and highly unlikely. In other words, someone padded the numbers overnight to deliver the state to Creepy Joe, who can barely form a cogent sentence and yet somehow received a record number of votes in Wisconsin, or so we are being told.

Because Wisconsin is still counting ballots, this 88 percent figure is actually an underestimate, having the potential to reach close to 100 percent when all is said and done. In other words, the fake news media expects us to believe that every registered voter in Wisconsin and then some participated in the election.

Keep in mind that the 88 percent figure only includes the two main candidates, and not the third-party ones who also received tens of thousands of votes. If you factor those candidates’ votes into the equation, then Wisconsin somehow saw more than 100 percent voter participation, an obvious fraud.

“It’s fight time,” wrote one commenter at The Gateway Pundit about this dire situation. “We should instantly find our 5 million new ballots and turn them in. Let’s validate all new ballots, all of them.”

“This should have been a historical landslide victory for President Trump, but the lousy, no-good-for-nothing Demonrat socialist pigs just won’t allow it,” wrote another. “Now it’s going to be another battle for the president to fight, it just might be another four years of the same if the people can’t get rid of the swamp sludge.”

The latest election-related news can be found at Trump.news.

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