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Georgia congressman releases report claiming election workers “purposefully” committed ballot fraud

Georgia congressman releases report claiming election workers “purposefully” committed ballot fraud

(Natural News) Voter fraud definitely took place in Georgia, and state Sen. William T. Ligon has released the proof.

A new bombshell report in his possession lays it all out in simple terms, demonstrating that Georgia Sec. of State Brad Raffensperger, along with the State Elections Board, failed to enforce the law as written in the Georgia Code. They also created and implemented their own policies that directly contradict Georgia state law.

There was no transparent process in place to verify the signatures on absentee ballots, for instance. There was similarly no process in place for the subsequent “audit” and “recount,” which was just as fraudulent as the first count.

Raffensperger also implemented an unconstitutional gag order blocking poll monitors from taking pictures or recording video of the recount as it happened. This facilitated a second round of fraud that only reiterated the first round.

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All throughout the ballot counting process in Georgia, there was a systemic failure to maintain a proper chain of custody, it was also revealed. Both prior to and after the election, as well as all throughout the recount, ballots were tampered with, altered, counted twice or tossed, depending on the circumstance.

Citizen patriots who tried their best to monitor what was going on in order to ensure some level of transparency were treated with suspicion, hatred and hostility – and election officials did nothing to stop it.

All in all, it was determined, there were “coordinated illegal activities by election workers themselves who purposely placed fraudulent ballots into the final election totals,” the report explains.

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Other revelations in the report include proof that private grants exerted influence over the election process. There was also “ample evidence” in the form of oral and written testimony to prove that the 2020 Georgia General Election was compromised, and thus should not be certified.

Bottom line, virtually everything that took place during the election was fraudulent in some way, and the reality of this is incrementally becoming evident as the pieces are deconstructed and analyzed.

Though the report has not yet been formally approved by the Subcommittee Chair or the standing Judiciary Committee – and may never be, quite frankly – what it contains is both damning and eye-opening.

“It is submitted for informational purposes to be a part of the record at the request of the Judiciary Chair … (and) [i]t is a summary of testimony given in person and by affidavit,” writes Jacob Palmieri for his The Palmieri Report.

“For more information, please refer to the video record of the hearing and the affidavits submitted.”

The Georgia suitcase scandal is still being investigated as well, with video evidence showing that several poll workers responsible for counting ballots in the Atlanta area committed blatant ballot fraud.

As we have been saying for nearly two months, the 2020 election is not over. There is prolific and undeniable proof that Joe Biden is not the winner. It is just a matter of figuring out if anything can and will be done about it, for the sake of our tattered and embattled republic.

“It’s an urban problem, as well as (a problem of) political hacks in office because of previous voter fraud,” wrote one of our own commenters about the situation in Georgia. “People need to start going to jail.”

If you would like to learn more about what attorney Sidney Powell is doing to fight election fraud, be sure to visit her website.

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