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GLOBAL SHOCKWAVE: Russia announces plans to ban commodity exports following Western sanctions

GLOBAL SHOCKWAVE: Russia announces plans to ban commodity exports following Western sanctions

(Natural News) Though he has not yet specified which goods will be restricted, Russian President Vladimir Putin has promised that some commodities and raw materials will soon be banned from export in response to Western sanctions against the Federation.

In a decree issued Tuesday night, March 8, Putin gave the Russian cabinet two days to come up with a list of countries that will be subject to the ban. The announcement came just hours after fake “president” Joe Biden of the United States announced a ban on imports of Russian oil.

Even though gas prices are already skyrocketing, impacting America’s working poor worse than anybody else, Biden’s handlers decided that it was time to make that situation even worse by escalating their pissing match with Putin.

The European Union, which is controlled by NATO, also announced that imports of Russian natural gas will be cut by two-thirds this year in retaliation for Putin’s targeting of Pentagon-controlled bioweapons laboratories.

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By the end of 2022, the United Kingdom, which is also controlled by the Deep State, is planning to phase out Russian oil imports entirely.

“Russia is the third-largest oil producer in the world and the biggest exporter of natural gas,” reported the Wall Street Journal. “The exports fuel Russia’s economy and the West was believed to be too dependent on them to quit easily. The invasion of Ukraine changed that dynamic.”

Will the war turn nuclear?

Since Russia is also a major world supplier of grains and metals, such as aluminum, nickel, and palladium, it is expected that these could be among the goods that Putin’s cabinet restricts from export.

A sweeping ban on exports could upend the global commodity markets, some reports claim. The recent nickel “squeeze” is already being lumped in with that, even though the exports ban has not yet commenced.

The Kremlin says that the goal of the commodity-export ban is “ensuring the security of the Russian Federation and the uninterrupted functioning of industry.” It will persist until December 31, according to the decree.

Ukraine has also imposed a ban on exports of key commodities such as wheat and other grains.

The “breadbasket of Europe,” as it is often called, has decided to hold onto its food until the conflict ends, which is bad news for countries like Egypt that rely on it for wheat and other grains.

As much as 20 percent of the world’s corn comes from Russia and Ukraine, along with 12 percent of all calories traded in general.

“This means all shipments of farm goods from Ukraine have ceased, and commodity traders will have to search elsewhere,” reports revealed.

All of this is shaping up to be more of an economic war than an actual war with weapons. We have heard some chatter about the big N (nuclear), but so far everything seems to have to do with the markets and Wall Street.

“Let’s all hope and pray that it doesn’t go nuclear,” wrote someone at Natural News about where things could be heading. “Having Bill Gates buying up farmland here in the USA is bad enough.”

“There is widespread anger and indignation in the West at people and free media that are not automatically anti-Putin and anti-Russia,” wrote someone else.

“There are massive displays of support for the WEF/Nazi regime in Kyiv. Not so strange, in fact, given that this kind of extremist hate speech by the previous president [Petro Poroshenko], in which he literally announced that he would brutally repress the Russian-speaking population, have always been ignored.”

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