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GOT SCIATICA? Huge uptick in sciatica cases since Covid-19 vaccine campaign began

GOT SCIATICA? Huge uptick in sciatica cases since Covid-19 vaccine campaign began

(Natural News) Sciatica is best described as mild to severe shooting pains that run down the back and into one or both legs. This is generally caused by inflammation of the largest nerve in the human body known as the sciatic nerve, that runs along each side of the lumbar spine (lower back), through the buttocks, past the knees, and continues all the way down to the feet. Many different kinds of compression, pressure, pinching and inflammation of this nerve can cause this pain that can interfere with exercise, relaxation and sleeping.

It is important to realize that sciatica is NOT a condition, but simply a symptom of a problem with the sciatic nerve. Often times people with a herniated (slipped) disk will experience shooting sciatica pains, but there’s a new main cause of acute and chronic sciatica, and people are plastering vaccine-induced-sciatica complaints all over Reddit and other online medical discussion boards.

Reddit online medical boards plastered with vaccinated victims airing complaints about severe sciatica they never had before, until the Fauci Flu jabs

Are you or a loved one suffering from VIS, vaccine-induced-sciatica? How would you know? Most medical doctors and nurses are either instructed never to blame, or are just afraid to blame, the Wuhan Flu injections for the tsunami of sciatica flare-ups that have hit their patients over the past two years. There’s an elephant in the room, and it’s not grey with big ears; it’s the patient who just got spike proteins injected throughout their vascular system and who is complaining of horrible new shooting pains down their back and legs.

Can you say ‘severe inflammation’ without coughing into your Covid mask? We did not think so. Doctors and nurses don’t want patients bad-mouthing vaccines in general, much less the Fauci Flu stabs, as this may “deter’ skeptics from getting vaccinated with the world’s most dangerous shots (mRNA) ever made, and that’s a statistical fact, that’s on record.

Three main causes of acute and chronic sciatica: bad posture, pinched nerves, and Covid-19 gene mutation injections

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First off, if you are suffering from sciatica, you should be visiting a chiropractor, who would actually understand what’s happening and has happened to you, rather than ‘someone’ who will prescribe you pain pills and do a bunch of guess-work about your genetics and what you might have ‘inherited’ in your genes from your parents, and blah, blah, blah.

Ask yourself a series of questions first. Do you sit for hours on end with your head leaning forward and your feet tucked under your chair? Do you walk leaning forward or have bad posture at work all day?

Next, did you get a Fauci Flu shot, or two, or three? The Covid “clot shots” are definitely exacerbating chronic inflammation, leading to all kinds of horrible health issues, and driving new sciatica and old sciatica pain through the roof. People on Reddit are saying that after getting jabbed for Covid, they are living in “sciatica hell.” They’re saying the Covid jabs led to an extreme inflammatory response that triggered sciatica pain that’s not going away.

Others are saying the MDs juiced them up with steroids and high-dose pain killers, but that doesn’t address the root of the problem at all, in fact, it makes things worse by masking the symptoms while what’s causing the sciatica keeps on occurring (think booster shots, more nerve pinching, and continued bad posture).

If you have millions (if not billions) of toxic spike prions floating throughout your vascular system, clogging up the arteries, veins and capillaries, then you are suffering chronic and severe inflammation, which is most likely the driving force of the sciatica. So whether that sciatica pain is brand new or is rearing its ugly head from previous occurrences, the culprit is catching blame in a viral way online (pun intended).

Other vaccine-induced-sciatica victims are posting about their “electrical jolts of pain” and wondering if it will be like this for the rest of their lives. Then they still go out and get MORE Covid jabs, hoping the shooting pains don’t get worse. They can’t seem to figure it out, even though it’s staring them in the face.

The MDs are running x-rays and MRIs looking for everything else, like bone damage, cancer and blaming anything but the China Flu jabs. It’s like they’re all under mass hypnosis NOT to even consider that it’s the clot shots causing the problem.

Bookmark to your favorite independent websites for updates on experimental “vaccines” that cause blood clots, myocarditis and severe, chronic inflammation.

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