Government-mandated DEATH CHOICES: New York won’t outlaw deadly vaccines that kill people but will outlaw tobacco products that kill people

Government-mandated DEATH CHOICES: New York won’t outlaw deadly vaccines that kill people but will outlaw tobacco products that kill people

(Natural News) Prohibition is the act of forbidding by law the manufacture, sale, possession, or consumption of something. Many people are aware of alcohol prohibition that took place in the United States from 1920 to 1933. During that period, speak easies popped up everywhere, as illicit establishments that sold adult beverages. Owners and operators of these “underground” bars and hidden backrooms were often part of the organized crime syndicates.

Get ready for “smoke easies” and “vape easies” in New York, where the Far-Left extremist Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul is set to ban the sale and use of ALL tobacco products. Forget about the soaring crime problem in the Big Dirty Apple, Hochul thinks she can stop two million nicotine addicts from sucking back on cancer sticks and vape gadgets all day.

No ban on the deadliest vaccine ever administered in history, and day-of-birth abortions are still heavily promoted by Democrats, but no more tobacco for you

Infanticide, for Democrats, is of super-importance, especially since there are so many minorities in New York City and the surrounding areas. Forced vaccination for Covid was also at the top of the list for depopulation programs, as the clot shots clog the vascular system with millions of toxic spike prions, causing heart attacks, strokes, and turbo cancer. Still, no talks are in the works to ban any of those heartless (pun intended) means of genocide, but tobacco is now on the chopping block, thanks to the crazed Demoncrat Kathy Hochul.

Despite the epic failure of every “quit smoking” campaign that’s ever been launched by the CDC, Governor Hochul’s administration is trying to garner support from state legislators to ban every single tobacco product in the state of New York. This is not about just menthols or vape products for minors; this is about making it illegal for every person, adult or not, to engage in smoking, vaping, dipping, or chewing tobacco products, though it will still be legal to smoke weed. Go figure.

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Big Government in New York wants to tell everyone what they can and cannot do with their lives, body, babies, and medical choices. It always starts with a “harmless” little survey or “suggestive” prompt, to get the reaction from the populace. How hard will the peons buck? They fell for the Covid mask tyranny, so why not tobacco prohibition, right?

Imagine the black market for cancer sticks when prohibition hits New York City and the big dirty, crime-ridden state. Why not ban chemical pesticides, if the worry and concern is cancer-related? What about banning toxic fluoride in tap water, if the concern is for public health?

Smoke weed, get clot shots, be a homeless drug addict, but don’t dare smoke tobacco in New York, because the Government cares about your health and well-being

The Biden regime hands out crack pipes and free money to the homeless drug addicts in metro cities across the nation because that’s the Democrat way of keeping the populace poor, dumb, sick, and voting for more free stuff. So then why not let everyone smoke cigarettes? It’s all about control and random tyranny that makes it seem like the government cares about health and safety.

Just like the Covid masks, lockdowns, social distancing, and deadly Fauci Flu stabs, the CDC, FDA, and Democrat Governors want the people subservient and dying a slow, expensive death. Now, the lung-cancer-ridden masses of New York will hoard their cancer sticks, wondering if they will become illegal in the coming months and years. Hide those cig cartons in the basement with your toilet paper and ramen noodles. The tobacco apocalypse is coming to NYC. Get ready.

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