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Government now forcing tractor manufacturers to build them like smartphones so they can “brick” themselves and become unusable

Government now forcing tractor manufacturers to build them like smartphones so they can “brick” themselves and become unusable

(Natural News) American greed in the age of godless capitalism knows no bounds. There’s almost nothing too sinister or evil that today’s Americans won’t do for a buck, including manufacturing the cheapest and most overpriced products with built-in obsolescence that they can get away with, which is exactly what John Deere is doing with its newest lines of farming tractors.

To be fair, part of the problem is that the government actually mandates that manufacturers of cars, tractors and other vehicles make them as proprietary and complicated as possible to ensure that consumers are forever dependent on corporations in order to live. But John Deere is reportedly going above and beyond these requirements by peddling tractors that can actually “brick” themselves in the event that farmers attempt to repair them without taking them to John Deere-approved repair facilities.

Just like Elon Musk is doing with his garbage Tesla vehicles, John Deere is making it all but impossible for farmers to keep their John Deere tractors running without making continual payments to the company for the latest software “upgrades.”

Writing for The Burning Platform, farmer Eric Peters explains that new John Deere tractors are constantly “connected” to the mother ship, which means the company can “update” them on a whim and basically kill their ability to operate if John Deere owners don’t abide by the company’s newfangled rules.

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John Deere no longer even considers purchasers of its new tractors as owners. It instead refers to them as “authorized users,” almost like a software license that continually has to be renewed in order to be valid. This corrupt business model is making it difficult for many farmers to even stay in business, which is driving many of them to purchase older John Deere tractor models that are serviceable by pretty much anyone with a basic know-how of how they work.

As it turns out, older is better in almost every technological category. And American society is beginning to see a resurgence back towards the technologies of old, which are cheaper, more reliable and all-around better than anything offered today in the name of technological “progress.”

“That’s the beauty of the pre-computer stuff,” writes Peters. “It never needs an ‘upgrade’ and you ‘diagnose” it by checking for spark, ignition and fuel. There are no codes to read. Just the occasional leak to fix or worn component to replace. Which doesn’t require a trip to the dealer because the manufacturer doesn’t claim it owns the codes and hasn’t got a proprietary lock on the tools – and won’t allow you to service the thing yourself, even if you had them.”

Most modern technology is JUNK – stick with the old, if you can

Peters says he currently uses a 1979 Mitsubishi tractor that contains nothing electronic besides the sealed beam headlights and the 12-volt starter battery. This particular model even has a mechanically injected diesel engine – meaning that, even in the event of a wide-scale electromagnetic pulse (EMP), the thing will still be able to run.

But all of the newer tractors, which cost upwards of $100,000 a piece, will only continue to run as long as John Deere allows them to run. Should John Deere remotely decide that a farmer isn’t paying enough for corporate repairs, the company can simply shut the machine down and render it useless.

“In many modern computer-controlled vehicles – tractors as well as cars – key components are specific to that particular vehicle and must be ‘coded’ to work with it by the dealer,” Peters further explains.

“Believe it or not, you can’t even replace the battery or a headlight in some new cars (and probably also Deere tractors) without plugging the vehicle into a dealership computer.”

Be sure to read his full analysis at this link.

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