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Harlem: Ethiopian IMMIGRANT BEHEADS His Wife and 5-year-old Daughter, Then Hangs Himself

Harlem: Ethiopian IMMIGRANT BEHEADS His Wife and 5-year-old Daughter, Then Hangs Himself

An immigrant from Ethiopia is in the news for a brutal double-homicide of his wife and young daughter, which was followed by his own suicide.

Coincidentally, The US State Department estimates that 45% of Ethiopia is Sunni Muslim.

The choice of beheading makes us wonder if this man was too, though it won’t be reported as such by mainstream media.

Here’s more from The New York Daily News:

Their Harlem neighbors saw the perfect couple: The gleeful dad hoisting the little girl onto his shoulders, the costumed mom and their 5-year-old daughter side by side on Halloween, the daily smiles and the small talk.

The cops inside the family’s condo after a 911 call saw something unspeakably different: Wife Jennifer Schlecht lying dead on the bloody bathroom floor, her decapitated head in her lap. Her lifeless daughter Abayesh, with a gash so deep to her throat that she was left headless, inside a gore-spattered bedroom.

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And their killer, deranged dad Yonathan Tedla, hanging from a rope tied to his child’s door on Wednesday night after making good on his threats to end Schlecht’s life before she could end their faltering marriage.

Read more at The New York Daily News…


Most news outlets, including The Daily News are saying he only beheaded his wife and not his daughter.

Here is their headline, “NYC woman decapitated by estranged husband, who also slit 5-year-old daughter’s throat and hanged himself – on day she planned to file for order of protection”

But how is this not beheading or “decapitation”?

Her lifeless daughter Abayesh, with a gash so deep to her throat that she was left headless, inside a gore-spattered bedroom.

VDARE has more…

Immigrant Familicide” is one part of the phenomenon of “Immigrant Mass Murder” we cover here. See a recent case here, which includes a lengthy list of previous cases.

Jennifer Schlecht was a white, American woman. How did a woman like that happen to marry an Ethiopian? Well, the NY Post says she was “a career humanitarian who fought to protect women and girls in poor, war-torn countries”. [Harlem murder-suicide dad Yonathan Tedla warned he was ‘not going to lose’ divorce battle, By Laura Italiano and Natalie Musumeci, NY Post, November 7, 2019] She apparently met him at Columbia.

Of course, what makes the countries war-torn (and a danger to women and girls) is the local male population. Apparently, before her death she realized her mistake and tried to escape.

Jennifer Schlecht, daughter Abaynesh and husband, Yonathan Tedla — were found dead in their apartment Wednesday night.

Schlecht, 42, had planned to get a court order to keep Tedla, 46, away from her and the girl out of fear for their lives, the tragic mom’s father told The Post.

“She wanted an order of protection due to some of his threats,” said the father, Kenneth Schlecht, 75.

Tedla had threatened that if she tried to divorce him, he would win and she would lose.

“He’d destroy her, or take them all out if she pursued a divorce,” the father said.

He believes his daughter had hoped to get a protection order on Tuesday, but found the courts were closed for Election Day.

Of course, a protection order means very little to a man willing to commit murder-suicide. In New York, women are not allowed to have guns to protect themselves.

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Good point about the guns.

VDARE also has this, “A few stories say Tedla was “originally from” Ethiopia. “Originally from” is a way of not saying “Ethiopian immigrant”. 39 results on Google include the word “Ethiopia”, and 1270 do not.”

Why not?

Oh my we can’t make immigrants look bad and much worse we don’t want anyone thinking Tedla was a Muslim.

Just my opinion, but…


And, even if I am wrong he was most definitely an immigrant.

The media wants you to focus on neither of those.

Americans are NOT stupid.

Who else uses the beheading method of killing their enemies?

Here’s a video from NBC New York, the story is mentioned right after the weather:

Here’s a better, more in-depth, video from CBS New York:

I have to wonder how many of the national news outlets will barely cover this story at all.

It certainly doesn’t fit in with their liberal brainwashing.

Muslim Good.

Immigration Good.

Orange Man Bad.

Turn off the Nightly News and start thinking for yourselves America.

Dean Garrison is the Publisher of DC Clothesline and DC Dirty Laundry

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