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Has Facebook Finally Met Its Match? Introducing “The Deplorables Network”

Has Facebook Finally Met Its Match? Introducing “The Deplorables Network”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard something like, “Conservatives just need to create a site like Facebook so we can all leave.”

Easier said than done.

Do you know what kind of money it would take to try to copy and compete with Facebook?

There are billions of dollars tied up in that company.

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How many conservative billionaires are looking to start their own social site?

Still I’m sick of hearing it and on October 20th (yesterday as I write this) I decided to do something about it.


I started a social networking site, yesterday, called The Deplorables Network. I was just fed up and decided to start somewhere. I don’t have billions to invest and the site is still fairly basic, but functional. The network is currently hosted as part of one of my news sites (DC Clothesline).

The Deplorables Network will be a lot like Facebook, without the censorship.

We need to generate some revenue to invest in upgrades but those upgrades are coming and will be fairly inexpensive. I can make the upgrades that are needed now (personal friends lists, groups, photo sharing, private messaging, etc.) for less than $1000. That’s not much money.

So why can’t I take it out of my own pocket?

Because I’m one of those Deplorables that has lost nearly everything due to the leftist online censorship push.

I can’t do it yet. A couple of months ago my family was facing homelessness because of the censorship. Our revenues had fallen from $80,000/yr. a few years ago all the way down to $16,000 last year. I have six children and it has been a struggle just to feed my family and keep a roof over our heads. We have exhausted our savings just to survive.

The good news is that things are getting better. Traffic and revenue are increasing again. I decided to go toe to toe with the social networks and expand, but revenues are still too low and money is still tight.

But again, this is temporary because traffic and revenues are rising again. We are expanding while others are throwing in the towel. It’s the only logical choice.

So if you are in a position to help, please donate here. (opens in new tab, so you can come back)

The upgrades are coming whether we get the donations to handle them, or not.

We must have our own social network. There is no choice.

I am focused on helping to resurrect the conservative voice online. I will let NOTHING stand in my way. This is about the future of this country and that means the future of my family (and yours). So I will not lose. I will find a way to continue expanding and continue spreading the TRUTH.

For now The Deplorables Network is much like an open forum with around 80 members joining in the first 24 hours. In time we will make enhancements and I anticipate hundreds of thousands of members. There is a market for millions but I am trying to be somewhat realistic. That will take some time. But it is quite possible and I will push for it to happen. The people are there. We just have to reach them.

Let’s start putting Facebook and Twitter and all the others in our rear view and get this thing rolling right now.

So many people have cried and whined about not having a good place for conservatives to gather and practice free speech. There are some good alternatives but honestly I don’t trust anyone. We’ve all been let down before. I’d rather have it on my shoulders so I know that we aren’t being set up.

Am I paranoid?

Maybe. But we have all seen it happen.

No conservative billionaires seem to be coming forward to start the next big social network.

So I will do it. As of yesterday I started my own social network. It is simple for now but it will get better and better. And it will be big. It will take time, but it will be YUUUUUUUUUUGE. (OK, that was a little hypey, sorry it is what I believe)

Just watch us grow.

Finally we have a place for Deplorables, built by a fellow Deplorable. No censorship and fair treatment. Isn’t that all we ask?

I got suspended from Facebook again last night. (light 7-day suspension from posting to groups)

I am sure most everyone reading this can relate.

If you have had enough, please join us.

The journey is just beginning.

Click here to join us at The Deplorables Network.

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