“Hate Speech” on ALL social media means telling the truth about the “dirty pool” of vaccines, GMOs and chemotherapy

“Hate Speech” on ALL social media means telling the truth about the “dirty pool” of vaccines, GMOs and chemotherapy

(Natural News) Almost overnight “hate speech” was invented by the globalists and Big Tech as a means to silence any critics of the fake news “official narrative” on politics, mass shootings, disease-causing foods and harmful allopathic medicine. Most people would assume “hate speech” means degrading, personal attacks with abusive language, not journalists and reporters and doctors and scientists revealing long-standing lies about food, health, sustainability and safety.

These Big Tech “progressives” only approve their own progress in robbing Americans of their basic inherent rights as set forth in the Constitution. The most popular search engine and more than 90 percent of the entire internet platform is now dominated by oligarchs who call all the shots behind the scenes. Tell the truth about toxic food, toxic medicine or toxic news and you are instantly banned, blacklisted and bankrupted from doing any business on all major internet media platforms.

Toxic food, toxic medicine and toxic news – all are “hate speech” because they’re infecting our country and warping it

Big Tech is playing “dirty pool.” They pretend to be filtering hate speech online, all while allowing the most corrupt information to serve as the “consensus” and ministry of truth. All “science is settled” when it comes to the biggest lies about climate change, gun confiscation, mercury in vaccines, carcinogens in tap water, and genetically modified and mutated, bug-and-weed-killing American Franken-food.

Big Tech is Big Pharma is Big Food. It’s all becoming one entity controlled by a handful of corporations and lobbied as such to the Deep State. If you oppose this tyranny, you are a deliverer of “hate speech” and you must be silenced. Every person on the Left has now been brainwashed to crave the death and destruction of anyone who disagrees with the fake news. We are literally living in a zombie apocalypse.

Hate Speech and the 2020 Zombie Apocalypse

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The main reason President Trump will be re-elected next year is the fact that he is intelligent and knows how to debate. All the “hate speech” regulating on line content is simply the world’s biggest one-sided debate, where Liberals ban and censor everything they don’t like. Free speech is hate speech if it challenges the fake news narrative. Period. Truth is labeled fake news and hate speech, as it doesn’t obey “community guidelines.” Yes, that community of tech fascists who want America to look like Venezuela, and as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, NSA and Silicon Valley record and categorize every phone call, email, post, purchase and search you “put in” the system (a.k.a. “the grid”). You’re either ready to bow down to communist-socialism or you are the enemy, deserving of punishment – even jail time. Tell the truth today on YouTube about health or safety issues and you lose your business, your subscribers, your advertising revenue. Free speech is hate speech, as long as you buck the Left.

Hate speech is regulated on the internet, but not on late night television. Why is that? Because late night not-so-funny-anymore comedians simply HATE TRUMP, that’s why. All hate speech that supports eliminating Trump is not “hate speech,” it’s just laugh-along zombie humor. There are no punch lines, you just hate Trump and fake laugh along with the recorded laugh tracks and the studio audience.

Hate speech is a label now slapped on logic and science that proves the Left’s narratives to be completely and utterly wrong. Global warming myth has been completely debunked, and that’s exactly why they call it “climate change” now. Vaccines have been exposed as dirty as they still contain mercury and abortion cells from humans. Fluoride in tap water has been proven by science to lower human IQ. Genetically modified corn and soy are proven to give animals cancerous tumors the size of golf balls.

Try to publish any of those truths on line, post them to social media, or start revealing them in a TV interview and you will get cut off, banned and silenced, and forever. Soon, you’ll be put in jail for anything the Left labels as “hate speech.” In fact, you are now “hate speech” yourself. Your business is hate speech. You have no freedom to speak, write, or worship your God, according to the Left. Even being religious and patriotic is now labeled “hate speech” by the Liberal psychos.

Just wait until the first week of November, 2020. America will truly become a zombie apocalypse, with the doped up, brainwashed Left committing unspeakable crimes that still won’t be labeled as hate. Tune in to Preparedness.News for updates on the best guns to own when the Zombies completely lose their minds in November of 2020.

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