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Heart inflammation increasing in young athletes: In one month, at least 69 athletes collapsed after vaccination

Heart inflammation increasing in young athletes: In one month, at least 69 athletes collapsed after vaccination

(Natural News) Heart inflammation is increasing in young athletes and children. In one month in 2021, at least 69 athletes collapsed after covid-19 vaccination. Many are left with disabilities for life. Some do not survive. This tragic influx in cardiac arrest, stroke, myocarditis and sudden death is NOT normal, and it’s not being properly reported on by journalists around the world.

By continuing to allow clot shots to remain on the market, regulatory agencies around the world continue to degrade medical ethics and informed consent. Experimental bioweapon vaccines continue to cause heart inflammation in young, healthy individuals who aren’t even at risk from a potential infection! Regulatory agencies have a moral responsibility to call for a full moratorium for covid-19 vaccines and to make way for historic compensation programs for families who have witnessed injury or death from these so-called vaccines.

Athletes dropping in record numbers as bioweapon vaccines continue to plague the world

A German media outlet, Wochenblick, and an online report titled Granite Grok have compiled a list of athletes who have collapsed on the playing field in 2021 and 2022. The sheer number of sudden cardiac arrests in young athletes stands apart from all previous years, dating all the way back to 1889.

The most recent athlete to collapse was a professional basketball star named Roider Cabrera from the Philippines. Cabrera collapsed during a tournament game in Pasig City. He lost consciousness in the locker room. After being rushed to the hospital, he was diagnosed with a fatal arrhythmia.

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A thirty-year-old athlete, John Fleck, had to be carted off the field after he collapsed suddenly in the second half in a game between Reading FC and Sheffield United. He, like the other athletes that are suddenly collapsing, had no signs of heart disease prior to vaccination.

Professional French tennis player Jérémy Chardy suffered severe side effects from a covid-19 vaccine that he was essentially forced to receive. Formerly ranked number 73 in the world, Chardy can no longer play the sport he loves. Chardy reports, “Since I got my vaccine [between the Olympics and the US Open], I have a problem, I have a series of problems. As a result, I can’t train, I can’t play.”

A professional footballer from Iceland, Emil Pálsson collapsed at the young age of 28. The German daily Bild reports that Pálsson collapsed during a game and had to be resuscitated. He suffered from cardiac arrest post-vaccination.

Brandon Godwin of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks experienced severe side effects after the covid-19 vaccine. The side effects ended his season and could potentially end his entire career.

Sixteen-year-old Martin Lefèvre from FC Agneaux had no underlying illnesses or heart conditions. After getting vaccinated, he had a stroke during a game against FC Saint-Lô Manche on October 2, 2021. He’s now paralyzed and cannot speak.

Not every player who collapses is revived. Nields de Wolf, a twenty-seven-year-old footballer from Belgium, collapsed during a game and went on to pass away three days later.

Boris Sadecky, a twenty-four-year-old hockey player collapsed unexpectedly on the ice during an ICE hockey league game. The vaccinated athlete died five days later from “mild myocarditis.”

A high school football player from Park City High in Montana suddenly passed away nearly one week after collapsing on the practice field. The toxic spike proteins that are being forcibly replicated via vaccination are putting strain on the heart muscle. When young athletes put further strain on their heart, the pressure is sometimes too much to take and they collapse – becoming yet another victim to the force-vax depopulation agenda that is yet to be shut down. This list contains just a few of the victims, but provides enough evidence to shut down all covid-19 vaccine programs immediately. (Related: The world is starting to notice how many young athletes are dying after covid vaccines.)

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