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Here’s what happens next: Lockdowns will be prematurely ended without necessary mask mandates; things will look fine for 6-8 weeks, then a new EXPLOSION of coronavirus infections will emerge

Here’s what happens next: Lockdowns will be prematurely ended without necessary mask mandates; things will look fine for 6-8 weeks, then a new EXPLOSION of coronavirus infections will emerge

(Natural News) It’s now abundantly clear where things are headed with the coronavirus pandemic in the United States. Due to widespread pandemic denialism across most of the (scientifically illiterate) conservative media, the political pressure to end the lockdowns is exploding. At the same time, the very same people who are demanding an end to the lockdowns are refusing to wear masks in public, meaning they are unwilling to take even basic, simple steps to help suppress the spread of the virus.

The result of this is now obvious: Many state lockdowns will be ended prematurely, without adequate precautions, and the people who listen to Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity or other scientifically illiterate sources will surge back into public places and workplaces without masks, resulting in a re-ignition of the exponential spread of the virus.

Here’s the timeline of how this is likely to play out based on the “reopening date” in your local state.

Reopening day: The lockdown ends. People go back to work, back to shopping at shared retail spaces and return to using public transportation. The denialists (mostly conservatives and people who read indy media sources that absurdly claim the coronavirus is a “hoax”) refuse to wear masks, so they begin to spread the coronavirus all over again. Because they have been lulled into a false sense of safety by the conservative media, they are complacent and careless.

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Reopening day + 30: Four weeks into the reopening, things still look great, even as the virus is quietly doubling the number of infected people perhaps once per week, which is slower than the previous rate of twice per week, given that some people are wearing masks and taking precautions.

Reopening day + 45: Early warning alarms start to go off as infections and hospitalizations begin to surge higher. The virus is now replicating yet again across the population at large, much like the scenario in February of this year.

Reopening day + 60: The exploding infection, hospitalization and death numbers start to mirror March’s numbers, and governors begin to see that unless people start wearing masks and respecting social distancing rules, a new round of lockdowns will be necessary.

Reopening day + 75 – 90: Governors issue new lockdown orders to once again halt the exponential spread. The city, state or region goes back into lockdown status in order to avoid the full-blown exponential explosion that would kill millions of not attenuated.

So within three months of the reopening of the economy, we should anticipate a new round of lockdowns being initiated. That, in turn, may result in riots, civil unrest, police state crackdowns and other forms of chaos since the very same Americans who refused to wear masks now refuse to obey government lockdown orders. Cue martial law.

We are nowhere near herd immunity, despite the best efforts of fake news outlets to lie about the numbers

There are several reasons why all this is inevitable:

Reason #1) We are nowhere near herd immunity. That would require something in the neighborhood of 80% of the population to have already been infected and carrying antibodies. Right now, the USA might have between 1-2% of the population infected. And no, the Wall Street Journal / “Stanford study” bogus science didn’t prove that 55 times more people are infected than we thought. That entire chapter of fake science was based on Chinese-manufactured antibody test kits that produced false positives. That study has already been denounced by numerous other scientists. Yet many pundits across the pro-Trump independent media continue to claim the study is solid, much like left-wing media outlets claim climate change alarmism science is reliable. (Bad science and fake news isn’t limited to just one political party. Each party has its own favorite fake science delusions.)

Reason #2) There is no miracle vaccine, and the natural cures that might work are being suppressed. There is real promise from natural substances like chlorine dioxide and colloidal silver — both of which should be subjected to rigorous, immediate clinical trials. But the pharma-controlled establishment is criminalizing or ridiculing anyone who talks about natural solutions that don’t involve vaccines. Even worse, there is substantial evidence already emerging that shows vaccines may never work due to the high mutation rate of this particular coronavirus.

Reason #3) The virus is real, and it’s a highly transmissible biological weapon. Notice that virtually the entire indy media reported this in February, then they flip-flopped in March and contradicted themselves, claiming the entire thing was a hoax. Then, when news broke that Obama’s NIH had funded to Wuhan BSL-4 lab believed to have engineered and released the virus, the indy media once again claimed the virus was real. But now, most of those same media outlets claim all the deaths are being faked. The flip-flopping is so insane, it’s hard to keep track of what narrative they’re trying to push.

We’ve been consistent and correct from day one. The Wuhan coronavirus was engineered in a lab. It was built as a biological weapon, which is why it’s so “successful” at spreading across the globe and avoiding efforts to eradicate it. The deaths are real, even if a few are presumptive and haven’t been conclusively proven to be caused by covid-19 since nobody is wasting testing kits on corpses. The real number of deaths is surely far larger than the “official” deaths, since so many victims are not being counted in nursing homes, migrant camps and even prisons across the world.

As of right now in the USA, the coronavirus has killed more people in the last 17 days than the regular flu kills in an entire year. Yet you still have mathematically illiterate indy media pundits claiming the regular flu is 10 times more deadly. We’ve never witnessed a more grotesque demonstration of horrifically bad math in more than two decades of independent journalism.

Yesterday, the coronavirus killed over 2,800 people. This infographic shows 2,660 deaths in one day, and the number went to 2,800+ a few hours later. Note how low the deaths are for “seasonal flu?” Just 94 per day, on average:

In all, the combination of bad math, fake news, food shortages, unemployment, scientific ignorance and stupid-19 refusals to wear masks are going to explode into chaos later this year.

The timeline of all this

Most of the current lockdowns look likely to end between May 1 and June 1. This means we will see exploding coronavirus cases 2-3 months later, between July 1 and September 1. That is, unless mask mandates are well followed and well enforced, which currently seems unlikely in conservative states.

Realistically, we would expect a second round of lockdowns in some cities or states to be put in place anywhere from August 1 to the end of October.

And that means some parts of America will see real chaos unfolding through Election Day.

Elections will be a nightmare. No matter what the outcome, it will be loudly and aggressively contested by the losing party. It’s not unreasonable to expect post-election riots and protests to emerge anywhere from mid-November through January of 2021. This will be more chaotic than usual, given that coronavirus lockdowns will likely be aggressively enforced by National Guard troops in certain areas, during this same time period.

If the Democrats win the election, expect widespread armed protests in states like Texas and Idaho, with rural areas of California, Oregon, Washington, etc., also participating.

If Trump wins re-election, expect a surge of social unrest in liberal cities, clashing with social distancing orders and lockdown mandates.

Either way, this is a perfect storm for chaos, if not civil war.

Based on this analysis, we are currently recommending to our readers that you prepare for far worse disruptions this Fall. Don’t become complacent.

We would all be foolish to think China isn’t planning to take advantage of all this by launching a new wave of attacks on America, including cyber attacks, financial attacks and possibly even EMP weapons which could technically kill 90% of the US population in about a year due to mass starvation, economic collapse, violence and disease.

All of this will become increasingly apparent to the conservative media over the next few months. Their “hoax” narrative will collapse under the weight of reality, and the very people who thought the virus was a globalist false flag will find themselves infected and hospitalized — possibly dead — because they refused to wear masks and help defeat the virus. This is truly a Darwinian moment for humanity, and those who still refuse to grasp reality will likely find themselves dead or quarantined at gunpoint.

America, in other words, is probably already beyond the point of surviving this intact. Whoever is elected president in November will likely be the last president of the United States of America as we know it.

For more news and analysis on the pandemic, read Pandemic.news.

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