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HiCap military operator issues URGENT WARNING about the active invasion of America taking place right now: Watch at

HiCap military operator issues URGENT WARNING about the active invasion of America taking place right now: Watch at

(Natural News) There is a strategic invasion occurring at America’s southern border that is much more serious than just illegal immigration from Central and South America.

Speaking to an anonymous HiCap military operator in a recent interview, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, allowed the man to speak about what he and his team are seeing take place, mainly with regards to Russia and China buying up strategic assets in South America in order to make further entry into the United States.

“I know that the pacts that are being made between Russia and China and the different stuff that we’re seeing going on that is open-source news that the public are able to track and watch,” the man states.

“We’re also seeing the South America Pipeline light up red hot with traffic – human trafficking, pushing possibly equipment like that to bring into Mexico or closer to the U.S. borders, one or the other.”

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Be sure to check out the interview in full below:

“Being specific, I can’t go there too much, based off the lithium mine topic we were talking about, a certain country we were asked to pay attention to and help assist in some protection and security that China has come into and is starting to take their commodities, land, they changed their election, they went in and guided their election to favor them in a more communist direction.”

“There are a lot of things in play just like what happened in Brazil. The same group that worked the elections and changed the algorithm there have moved towards this other country that has quite a large lithium mine that is there that is being looked at to be taken.”

(Related: It was claimed last fall by the Department of Homeland Security [DHS] that Venezuela is emptying its prisons and sending criminals to America’s southern border.)

Are China and Russia gunning for South America’s lithium resources?

What seems to be happening right now is that China and Russia are teaming up to fight the West for control of the world’s commodities and energy resources, which include South America’s lithium mines.

“Lithium is a key commodity right now because of batteries, EVs, the whole so-called ‘clean’ energy revolution,” Adams said during the interview. “If China can come in and occupy or control these South American nations and deprive the United States of lithium, then that would really hurt U.S. industry.”

According to the HiCap military operator, China already bought an important sea port in the unnamed South American country currently in its crosshairs. China has also purchased lots of farm land in that same country.

“If China moves in and really controls South America, then America has a real geopolitical enemy on our southern border, not just illegal immigration to deal with,” Adams added.

“It would be a very bad thing to see South America, the Latin America Pipeline, used for trafficking, for pushing drugs and different stuff through, to be controlled by a Russia-backed or China-backed, either way, scenario already know that Hezbollah and other terrorist groups are in amongst the pact that they’re working together for planning against the West,” the HiCap military operator responded.

“We are being invaded, and there’s a strategic move to that to place pressure and resources spread out thin across the U.S., and especially across the border, that they can’t deal with other issues.”

Be sure to listen to the full interview, which is just shy of 30 minutes long, to hear more about the growing threat to the U.S. security and sovereignty that is building at the southern border.

You will also find more information about the situation at the southern border at

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