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His Name Is Eli Hickerson: White Male Murdered in Road Rage Incident by Violent Black Criminal Wearing a GPS-Monitoring Device

His Name Is Eli Hickerson: White Male Murdered in Road Rage Incident by Violent Black Criminal Wearing a GPS-Monitoring Device

A black man wearing a GPS-monitoring device got into a road rage incident with a white man on the outskirts of Indianapolis. He was a violent offender, and murdered a white man who was a passenger in a car engaged with the incident, basically an innocent bystander of the incident where a lapse of impulse control ended with the death of a Eli Hickerson. [Man arrested for murder after road rage shooting in company vehicle,, July 21, 2022]:

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Investigators believe an Indianapolis man who was wearing a jail’s GPS-monitoring device and was driving a company vehicle fatally shot a man during a road rage incident.

Dion Kimbrough, 22, faces preliminary charges of murder and possession of a handgun by a serious violent felon. He’s accused of shooting 30-year-old Eli Hickerson of Carthage as he was driving eastbound on I-70 near Post Road on Monday night. Hickerson was the passenger in a red Ford Focus and died after being taken to a medical center in Hancock County.

The driver in the vehicle with Hickerson described a white box truck with three individuals inside and the word “Beaty” on the side driving erratically on I-465. He also said the box truck nearly collided with a black Dodge pickup truck and said he saw someone in the Dodge throw something at the box truck. He said the box truck was following behind them as the got onto I-70 from I-465. He said he saw the driver of the box truck flash a gun through his window.

He helped police identify the company vehicle, showing officers a picture from the WE Beaty Inc. Facebook page. Police went to the business and believe the company logos matched the description from the witness. Officers spoke with the co-owner of the business, who helped officers identify who from his business may have been driving in that area at that time. The co-owner told officers that Kimbrough would’ve been one of his drivers coming back from Columbus and said that Kimbrough had a GPS monitoring device while on probation. The Marion County Probation Department verified that Kimbrough was in the area at the time of the shooting.

Two more workers with the company described a road rage incident involving Kimbrough as he drove the box truck.

When he spoke with police, Kimbrough denied having a gun, according to court documents.

Online jail records Kimbrough will appear in court on July 25.

Again, Eli Hickerson is just another name in a war we are supposed to recognize as happening across America. His white privilege has been checked.

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