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HOAX BUSTED: High school teacher confesses to leaving terrorism notes about shooting and killing students at her school

HOAX BUSTED: High school teacher confesses to leaving terrorism notes about shooting and killing students at her school

(Natural News) The scene took place at Abraham Lincoln High School in Council Bluffs, Iowa. A high school teacher who felt she was losing control of her classroom allegedly decided the best remedy was to leave terrorist notes all over the school saying someone was planning to come shoot it up and kill a bunch of students.

The first note was found on her desk chair: “Friday morning. Suns out. Guns out. Bang, bang. They dead. All of them. Tired of the drama.” Two of the other three notes were found in a girl’s bathroom. The notes were about shooting and killing students. She claims she just wanted to bring attention to her classroom. That sure worked out. If found guilty, she could face up to 15 years in federal prison for multiple counts of threats of terrorism.

Authorities are guessing the teacher had no intentions of shooting up the school and killing students, but they beefed up security anyway

The dead giveaway (pardon the pun) was when she found one of the notes herself: “After School. Guns. Buses. God Bless America. They are all going to die.” Investigators identified 3 of the 4 notes as Phelan’s handwriting. Oops. She said she is “100% sure” she did write the notes, even though she claims she doesn’t remember writing them.

She already confessed by apologizing for writing them. She claimed she wasn’t feeling safe in her classroom, so the cure for that must be to make everyone else feel horrified that some terrorist event is about to happen and specifically at their school to the students. Great logic. It gets worse.

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The teacher who turned herself in to police, Kristina Phelan, said the kids were often mean to each other, so obviously she thought being a terrorist bully would fix all of that, or get “someone else” to “handle it.” Forget about having some no-bullying mini-lessons or watching some YouTube videos about it, just write some anonymous notes letting the kids know someone is coming to shoot them and kill them all, and that should make them all be nice to each other.

Could the terror-note-writing teacher have gone crazy from getting Covid clot shots and wearing a oxygen-depriving Covid mask all day, every day?

It’s too early to know, but usually when someone shoots up a school or threatens to, they are taking some form of medication that makes them (more) crazy. Most shooters are on psych medications that warp the mind and often lead to homicide and suicide. Plus, thousands of cases of psychosis are popping up in the Covid-vaccinated, who experience hallucinations, psychosis and neurological disorders from the gene therapy shots that clog the blood and limit oxygen supply to the brain. Some people even commit suicide after getting the Fauci flu shots. Go figure.

Maybe this high school teacher went crazy from the Covid vaccines and wearing her mask all day, everyday, so she started writing terrorist notes and planting them anonymously in her own high school classroom and girls bathroom? Also, the Covid masks limit oxygen flow to the brain, and teachers and students wear them for 7 to 8 hours straight, even outside at recess (which is completely insane). Or, better yet, maybe the news should blame climate change for her behavior.

It’s no wonder this is not already categorized by mass media as a racist incident, since the teacher in question is white and there are some students at the school who are not white. This would be easy pickings for pushing more CRT (critical race theory) that all whites think they’re superior and are born racists who owe all non-whites everything they own. No telling how they will spin it.

Be sure to tune your internet dial to for great tips on how to prepare for dealing with more crazies who have lost their minds due to vaccines and masks.

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