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Honduran Caravan: Another Tool Used By Socialist Left To Influence The Elections

Honduran Caravan: Another Tool Used By Socialist Left To Influence The Elections

The upcoming elections in November are the most important in a lifetime, where we will choose not only whether we want to make America great again, but keep it the United States of America, or transform our country into a Socialist New World Order Banana Republic run by criminals who govern by mob rule.

We see violence in the streets, intimidation of all who oppose Socialist rule, including some conservative elected officials in public places, and threats of violence on all who disagree with their doctrine of destruction. Now, we have so-called elected officials like Nancy Pelosi warning all citizens who disagree with Socialist rule that there will be consequences for all who support and vote against Democrats in November.

What we really have here in the US today is a post-Socialist dictatorship where the people finally chose freedom, national sovereignty, Christian morals, and the US Constitution over a continuation of Socialist rule in defeating Hillary Clinton, the dictatorship’s chosen successor. It, however, took conservative patriots coming out in massive droves to overcome the cheating and fraud at the ballot box that the Left thought they had fixed for her.

Aside from the Socialists trying to fix the elections in allowing millions of illegal aliens to vote, having many vote multiple times, registering those who are dead, we also have the manipulation of the electronic ballots themselves being programmed to switch Republican votes to Democrat. This voter machine manipulation was seen in plain sight during the 2016 presidential election year where ruler Obama had the DHS try to hack every computer ballot machine. The presidential elections really were hacked in 2016, but not by Russians, by our own DHS at Obama’s order to do so.

The fix was in, in every major city in the US. What saved us from being ruled by criminals was the massive voter turnout in all rural areas where they had yet not compromised ballots.

Since this time around will be even more difficult for a fair election, given that the Left has had plenty of time to fix the vote at the ballot, it’s going to take an even greater voter turnout from patriots than last time to win it.

Since everyone knows by now that all the protests, violence, and intimidation against American Patriots is entirely organized by Barack H Obama and financed by George Soros, it is not surprising that they organize events outside of the US in an attempt to influence the minds of voters. The case in point this time around is the so-called migrant caravan of thousands of people heading to the US from Honduras. As with all such migrant caravans with this large amount of people, the latest is not made up of a bunch of individuals who suddenly decided to pick up and trek to the US because of circumstances in their home country. It is made up of thousands of people gathered together by government officials in their country of origin.

Think about it, such a large amount of people would never make it a 100 miles, much less trek across Guatemala and Mexico to the US, which is almost a 4,000-mile trip. As the propaganda media portrays them as all walking, we know this cannot be true either, since the average person can only cover a couple of miles per hour walking at a relaxed pace, which we can assume they would be doing on such a long trip. With this in mind, let’s calculate just how long it would take someone to walk from Honduras to San Diego, California. When walking 12 hours a day, doing 2 miles per hour, they would cover 24 miles. At 24 miles a day, it would take them over 166 days to reach San Diego, a 5 month trek. Given hardships along the way, another 2 to 3 months could be added to the trip time. Yet, you can bet they will make it to the US border, just before November 7, a physical impossibility.

They are getting help with food, transportation and health care from the Honduran government. The organization and financing of this trip entirely comes from Leftists in the US government via Pueblo Sin Fronteras group in Honduras who has been organizing such caravans for over 15 years. Fronting the financing of it all from George Soros is the Organization of American States, located in Washington DC, whose very charter is a New World Order vision.

What this election will prove to be is whether we want the US transformed into everything we have fought against since the founding of our country, or a Third World Banana Republic governed by criminals. If the Democrats win, America will be lost in every sense of the word and it will take an armed Civil War to get it back.

Courtesy of Freedom Outpost

Tony Elliott is an established writer with articles in over 20 publications of differing topics. He was a Political Commentary Columnist for the Cimarron News Press in Cimarron, New Mexico from 2001 to 2003. Tony was also a regular writer for several small coastal newspapers in Southern Oregon during the early 1990’s. BOOKS: Aura Visions: The Origin Prophecy, Enviroclowns: The Climate Change Circus, Strange Sounds: A Research Report

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