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Horrific vaccine “adverse events” BEFORE & AFTER Covid-19 jabs, right from the CDC’s very own vaccine injury tables

Horrific vaccine “adverse events” BEFORE & AFTER Covid-19 jabs, right from the CDC’s very own vaccine injury tables

(Natural News) From the sound of it, vaccines are like biological weapons that destroy human health and should all be completely banned until proven safe and effective by multiple independent labs running vigorous tests and extensive clinical trials. Within hours and days of being injected with harmful substances, recombinant DNA, mRNA and genetically mutated viruses, human beings, including babies and children, are being assaulted, maimed and killed by vaccines that are dirty and dangerous.

The following injuries, adverse events, and “side effects” of toxic injections provide a clear look at the dangers of vaccination before these Covid shots ever hit the market, and then a closer look at the carnage (disability and death) since they’ve been jabbed into hundreds of millions of arms around the globe, including about 150 million US sheeple.

Anaphylaxis can happen when a human is injected with toxins that cause them to experience a dangerously low pulse and go into life-threatening shock

Anaphylaxis is an acute allergic reaction that often happens when an antigen is injected into the human body, whether by bee sting, vaccination, or venomous snake bite. Many humans who are already allergic to these toxins can die. Vaccines often contain all kinds of deadly allergens, including latex, milk, peanut oil, mercury, infected cells from human abortions, E. coli and deadly animal viruses, such as two strains of pig circovirus and bat coronavirus, the latter that formerly wasn’t even previously contractible by humans or transmissible between humans.

Symptoms of anaphylaxis can occur almost instantly, or within a few hours of injection, including rash, low pulse, shock, anxiety, confusion, slurred speech, facial swelling, brain swelling, trouble breathing, low pulse, difficulty swallowing and the list goes on. This is the reaction to foreign substances bypassing the normal human toxin filters – the lungs, digestive tract and the skin.

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Vaccines that commonly cause anaphylaxis include Meningococcal, HPV, Hepatitis B, and the deadly Rotavirus vaccines. Many victims of vaccine violence file claims under the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program because nobody can sue the vaccine manufacturers, since Congress declared them untouchable. Then again, many families never even report their injuries, or the reports get deleted and silenced by the corrupt vaccine industrial complex of the USA.

Encephalopathy caused by toxic vaccinations alters brain function and can lead to deadly seizures

Encephalopathy is a broad term for something that alters brain function and/or structure, and can be caused by infections, tumors, strokes, and … wait for it … vaccines. The “adverse events” usually reported, but not always “recorded” by the corrupt vaccine industry, include seizures, memory loss and declining ability to reason. Vaccines have been known to cause changes in the brain that lead to an altered mental state, where the brain is diseased, damaged and malfunctioning. Some people slip into a coma and/or die.

A 28-year-old healthcare worker in Wisconsin recently got her second dose of Pfizer’s highly toxic mRNA jab and DIED afterwards from a severe hemorrhagic stroke in her brain stem. She had broken out in rashes and a sudden migraine headache right after getting the 2nd dose of the deadly inoculation. Then her brain began bleeding and swelling, she lost all speech, then went unconscious. She was finally put on life support, with no brain activity, as neurologists viewed via angiography her brain hemorrhage and burst blood vessels. She basically bled out in the space between the brain and the tissue that covers it, all due to the vaccine.

Intussusception is considered an “adverse event” even though it’s common after Rotavirus (Rotateq) vaccine because it contains two strains of a deadly pig virus that sends the injected child’s bowels into convulsions where they fold up inside themselves like a telescope. It can easily kill a child, but the maker of the vaccine still made millions selling it to the CDC.

Reports of intussusception bombard the vaccine injury “tables” if you scan across all the vaccines with laundry lists of side effects and repurcussions, including babies intestines becoming entangled and stopped up, which can be deadly. Could it be those deadly wild pig viruses shouldn’t be put in a “vaccine” for preventing diarrhea flu? Simply insane vaccine ingredients and nobody knows but the injured, their family and the secret courts that settle for cold hard cash and silence!

Shocking statistic: Over 5,000 vaccine-induced deaths from Covid-19 “inoculations” surpasses the 3,000 who died on 9/11 at the hands of terrorists — is this bio-terrorism by vaccination?

Instead of the US government having already spent $3 billion on vaccine propaganda trying to convince everyone the deadly jabs are safe, they should have divided up that $3 billion amongst the families of the 5,000 people the Covid-19 VACCINES have killed. At least those families would have each received $600,000 for their loss. The US government spent billions for the Wuhan lab’s research, trying to help CCP scientists figure out a way to make a bat disease contagious and transmissible for humans, and they succeeded, then released it.

And now the VAERS vaccine-injury linked database is flooded with complaints, adverse events, side effects, injuries, seizures, blood clots, comas and deaths. They can’t conceal it anymore. The CDC can’t hide it, and Google can’t keep banning it all. Something has to give. There are more than 750 vaccine fatalities registered every week, and over 25,000 serious injuries, but NONE of this is ever in the mainstream news. Not ever.

Serious adverse events AFTER Covid-19 vaccines include autoimmune diseases, systemic viral infections, widespread adenopathy (swelling of glands), Bell’s palsy with pain, and blood clots in rare parts of the body, like the lungs and the brain. Serious adverse events are defined as life-threatening and require inpatient hospitalization. Many of these events result in life-long disabilities related to the vaccine injury, and not just at the vaccine injection site, as they’d have us all believe.

Visit CovidVaccineReactions.com if you already got a toxic Covid jab or two and you are experiencing side effects, blood clots or other adverse events. Then tune your internet frequency to Pandemic.news for updates on these crimes against humanity being delivered under the guise of inoculation. Also visit Visit PharmaDeathClock for more information and validated statistics about the tragedies along the Allopathic “train” on which 200 million Americans ride.

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