If we’re going to test everyone on Capitol Hill for covid, can we also test them for COCAINE? Or for cognitive function?

(Natural News) House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California) is making sure that covid-19 testing will be made available for all 435 members of Congress and the over 20,000 people working on Capitol Hill. If so much testing is going on, why can’t Joe Biden and other cognitively-impaired politicians submit to drug tests and be required to meet cognitive standards? Public servants should be held to the highest standard of health and mental function.

Certain members of Congress, such as Rep. Jahana Hayes (D-Conn.), wants to force everyone on Capitol Hill to get tested for covid-19 regularly, even when no symptoms of illness are present. The on/off game of probing people’s noses and isolating them for fourteen days at a time may continue for years to come — consuming headlines, disrupting livelihoods and destroying productivity. Leaders are allowing covid-19 to dominate their lives as they self-quarantine “out of an abundance of caution” every time they hear about a positive covid-19 case. In the past week, at least eighteen members of the Senate and 56 members of the House have quarantined, as a wave of unproductive, fearfully-dominated leaders “do their part.”

I have taken every possible precaution and still contracted coronavirus,” wrote Representative Hayes on Sept. 20. The masks, social distancing and frequent cleanings did not stop Hayes from contracting the virus. This situation has become all too common; the environments with the most rigorous restrictions are breeding positive covid-19 tests, regardless of what is done to avoid it.

Will regular covid-19 testing save us from immunodeficiency?

What kind of medical police state will we create if government, public transit and school systems are allowed to take away medical privacy and individual rights by regularly forcing tests into people’s nasal cavities? PCR testing could never be used with accuracy at such immense scale, which is why so many positive covid-19 cases are either false positives or mild cases of respiratory illness.

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These tests do not prevent viral attachment, viral load or viral replication and cannot distinguish active infection from non-infectious viral debris. Should we be worried about benign cases of covid-19 anyway, or should the public health response be more concerned with treatments and immune system therapy, as is the case with all other respiratory viral infections? Will regular covid-19 testing save us from immunodeficiency or will it distract us from the root health problems that exacerbate viral load and lead to death from infection?  (Related: Take the vaccines or lose your job: The Bill Gates medical police state is making its intentions clear.)

Furthermore, if testing everyone on Capitol Hill for covid-19 is so important, why not test them all for cocaine and illicit drug use? Why not test Congress members for dementia drugs and other issues of cognitive impairment?

Why aren’t public servants tested for illicit drugs and cognitive impairment?

Public servants should be held to the highest standard of physical and mental fitness. Do Americans want drug addicts drafting new legislation? Likewise, should dementia patients be making important decisions that impact tens of millions of lives? If testing everyone on Capitol Hill for covid-19 is so important, why not test each public servant for illicit drugs in their system? Why not test each member of Congress for the presence of pharmaceutical drugs that would indicate they are cognitively impaired and unfit for public office?


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If so much energy and resources will be devoted to nasal swabs, on/off quarantines, and a lack of production, why not spend just a little time testing these Congressional men and women for mental health and cognitive functioning? Why are some public servants hooked on drugs — just so they can focus? How do the side effects affect their judgment? What is to become of a country if the leaders are mentally-unfit junkies and germaphobe hypochondriacs who lead America into a perpetual medical police state?

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