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In 13 months, Biden has just about finished the job of destroying America

In 13 months, Biden has just about finished the job of destroying America

(Natural News) It has not taken long at all for fake “president” Joe Biden to finish the job of collapsing the United States.

In just 13 relatively short months, the Resident-in-Chief helped usher in the highest gas prices on record, along with soaring food costs. Millions of Americans were also forced to get injected with mystery chemicals from Operation Warp Speed, and all for a manufactured plandemic that never really was.

The country went from a trend towards energy independence to becoming a net importer of crude oil ever since Geriatric Joe started occupying the White House. Biden’s destruction of the Keystone XL Pipeline project certainly contributed to this.

Americans are worse off than they have been for quite some time as housing prices skyrocket and wages stagnate. Millions of them are now having to work multiple jobs just to barely stay above the poverty line.

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It is simply becoming impossible to live in the U.S., and while China Joe is not solely responsible for this – nearly every president, left and right, has contributed in one way or another throughout the nation’s history – he sure did accelerate the process.

You might even say that the destruction of America hit warp speed under Beijing Biden, who can barely speak coherent sentences let alone run a country. And most of the country’s inhabitants, other than perhaps complaining on social media, just seem to be sitting idly by and watching it all happen.

“Five percent here, 10 there, multiple smaller price spikes so it isn’t all seen at once,” writes Susan Duclos for AllNewsPipeline about the current inflationary situation. “Shrinkflation, where the packages are smaller, but the price either the same or just a tad more.”

“It is noticeable, but the way it is happening means some are feeling it far more than others… for now.”

Putin is the scapegoat for the coming implosion of the global economy

The Biden regime claims that all of this is Vladimir Putin’s fault, but smart Americans know better. The real culprit is right here within our midst.

It is the money changers that engineered this increasingly rapid slide into total economic collapse. They are the ones who designed this system to fail, at the designated time, after they got done raping and pillaging it of all it is worth.

Biden is just another puppet who stands or mostly sits reading teleprompters with the latest fake news words scrolling across it. His job is to just repeat what he sees on the screen, and even that often proves too difficult for his failing senses.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a convenient scapegoat for the next phase of the “Great Reset” takedown of the country, which is likely to see even more aggressive inflation, food shortages and other problems.

Up until now, there were patches of missing items and stories here and there about gaps in the supply chain, but this writer believes that Putin’s actions mark a shift to more serious problems up ahead that will require a stronger cover story.

That cover story, of course, and the scapegoat, is none other than Putin himself. Should the financial markets finally take a substantial tumble, for instance, Putin is likely to take the blame in the corporate-controlled media.

If gas becomes too unaffordable for many Americans to continue living, Putin will be blamed for that, too.

“Sadly we are approaching the day where the only way to afford to eat will be to dig out our stocks,” warns Duclos about how “preppers” might be able to survive all this, at least for a while.

“Top that off with the fact that truckers, who bring our food to the grocery stores, also use gas, and with the rising prices, consumers will see even more food price spikes.”

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