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In America, when deadly chemicals spill on land, it’s deemed “perfectly safe,” but when chemicals are used to sterilize instruments in hospitals, it’s called “dangerous”

In America, when deadly chemicals spill on land, it’s deemed “perfectly safe,” but when chemicals are used to sterilize instruments in hospitals, it’s called “dangerous”

(Natural News) The haphazard Environmental Protection Agency of America wants to limit use of the hospital sterilizing agent ethylene oxide due to increased cancer risk. This strange assessment comes just weeks after they declared all land, farms, and water perfectly safe where dioxin (one of the most deadly toxins on Earth) was burned after the loaded train wrecked in Palestine, Ohio. This is the logic of one of the most rogue agencies ever created to supposedly protect America and Americans from toxins. In other words, there is zero logic or rationale to the size and scope of the problems the EPA addresses at any time. Consider this carefully. If a TRAIN were carrying ethylene oxide and it spilled all over the land and highway, the EPA would claim it was perfectly SAFE. So when the chemical spills, it’s safe, but when it’s used in a hospital, they say it’s dangerous?

Suddenly, a US government agency is worried about cancer risk from hospital sterilizing agents, but what about turbo cancer from the Covid clot shots?

Is the “War on Cancer” really the “War for Cancer?” The EPA needs to make up their minds. Billions of medical devices are sterilized every year in US hospitals with ethylene oxide and the EPA is just now figuring out it’s raising cancer risk in humans? Wait, what? Do they know about mercury in high doses in the multi-dose flu vaccines? The flu shot contains 25,000 times more deadly mercury than the EPA says is dangerous in tap water. Again, where’s the logic? If mercury is hazardous to the environment, how can it be safe to inject into humans, including children, babies, and pregnant women? What about the Covid clot shots causing turbo cancer? Is anyone addressing that?

The EPA intends to reduce ethylene oxide emissions by 80 percent by overseeing activity at nearly 100 medical sterilization hubs across the country, forcing the facilities to test for “antimicrobial chemicals” in the air to be sure they are following the new protocol. Did they run these tests in Palestine, Ohio after the most deadly chemical spill and burn of dioxin the nation has experienced in years?

Ethylene oxide danger many more times threatening to human health than previously known, because the FDA, CDC, and EPA are haphazard agencies

The EPA’s administrator Michael Regan is on the record claiming, “EPA’s number one priority is protecting people’s health and safety.” Oh, is that a fact? The threat to human health from ethylene oxide is severe, so why are the EPA scientists just figuring this out now? What year is it again, 1981? As cancer cases across America skyrocket from spike protein syndrome caused by clogged vascular systems that can’t transport the proper amount of oxygen and nutrients to vital parts of the body, suddenly the EPA has figured out brand new “severe” ways the air is causing cancer. Or, is that a cover story?

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Yes, ethylene oxide is a GAS used to sterilize half of all medical devices, including syringes (used to inject into humans), pacemakers, surgical gowns, and more. Breathing this toxin into the lungs leads to elevated risk of lymphoma and breast cancer. What happens when it gets injected into the blood with millions of spike proteins?

Do you know someone who works at a medical sterilization plant or other facility that releases ethylene oxide? Sound the alarms. Did you know that medical sterilization plants have been closed down after agencies that monitor emissions found spikes in nearby neighborhoods? This is well-documented as injuries incurred have been settled by countless lawsuits.

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