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In the deep state coup attempt, all roads lead back to Barack Obama

In the deep state coup attempt, all roads lead back to Barack Obama

(Natural News) With Democrats now launching all out and desperate attacks against President Trump’s Attorney General William Barr with signs emerging over the past week+ that deep state traitors may indeed finally face justice for their attempted coup against President Trump, we’ll take a look within this new ANP story at more new evidence that ‘all coup roads‘ lead back to Barack Obama and that it’s time for the ‘coup plotters’ to be held accountable as heard in the videos at the bottom of this story.

(Article by Stefan Stanford republished from

As Gateway Pundit reports in this new story that Steve Quayle had linked to on his website Monday morning, the latest former Obama official to launch failing attacks upon Barr is former Obama AG Eric Holder who called Barr ‘not fit to lead the DOJ‘. That despite the fact that Barr led the DOJ for George H.W. Bush from 1991 to 1993. How did he suddenly become ‘unfit‘ to lead the DOJ after also being confirmed by the Senate just months ago? From the Gateway Pundit story.:

Holder previously described himself as Obama’s wingman.

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Holder accused Barr of protecting President Trump and asserted that the Attorney General started his probe of the Intel/FBI for political reasons.

“He is not fit to lead the DOJ,” Holder said.

HOLDER: “AG Barr has deliberately misrepresented the Mueller report. He has started examinations of the conduct of Intell/FBI personnel without a predicate-for political reasons. He is protecting the President. He does not stand up for the good people he leads. He is not fit to lead DOJ.”

Actually, it sounds like Barr may be the perfect person to lead the DOJ which long ago sold out the American people to protect the ‘Clinton crime family‘.

According to this new story from DC Whispers, newly discovered evidence suggests that none other than Barack Obama had conspired with foreign powers to overthrow President Trump. As PJ Media had reported, in what must have been a very surprise move to Obama’s ‘deep state‘, Giuseppe Conte, the prime minister of Italy, recently fired top management of three Italian intelligence agencies.

Reporting that the moves were being looked at as the Conte government’s response to the previous government’s coordinated surveillance activity with U.S. intelligence officials during the 2016 U.S. election, they went on to report that all of this points directly at former CIA head John Brennan, and the infighting between former US intelligence heads hints that is true. From DC Whispers.

Just this week Comey attacked Brennan and Brennan attacked back.

Now, Italy appears to be disclosing Brennan as a primary player in the failed coup against President Trump.

Does anyone believe such a thing could have taken place without Barack Obama’s knowledge and approval?


With a very real coup attempt by Obama’s deep state on President Trump thankfully exposed and hopefully soon prosecuted, President Trump may have a potent new tool in his hands to do just that. As we read in this new story from the Daily Caller, multiple senior officials have stated that President Trump plans on invoking the ‘insurrection act‘.

Last invoked by George H.W. Bush in 1992 to quell the Los Angeles riots, could the 1807 Act also be used by President Trump to round up ‘enemies of America within‘? Much more on that in the next several sections of the story below. First, from the Daily Caller.:

President Donald Trump is planning on using the Insurrection Act to remove illegal immigrants from the United States, The Daily Caller has learned.

According to multiple senior administration officials, the president intends to invoke the “tremendous powers” of the act to remove illegal immigrants from the country.

“We’re doing the Insurrection Act,” one official said.

Under the Insurrection Act of 1807, the president has the authority to use the National Guard and military in order to combat “unlawful obstruction or rebellion” within U.S. borders. The act was last invoked in 1992 by George H.W. Bush to quell the Los Angeles riots, and was also used by Eisenhower in 1957 to enforce school desegregation in the south.

An official expressed concerns that Trump’s use of the act’s powers would face legal challenges, pointing to the lawsuits against the president’s travel ban from majority-Muslim countries. However, as the official noted, the travel ban ultimately prevailed in the Supreme Court.

In addition to the Insurrection Act, the president is also considering declaring the country full and insisting that the U.S. can no longer handle the massive influx of illegal immigrants. 2019 is currently on pace to reach the highest levels of illegal immigration in a decade.

Should President Trump use the ‘insurrection act‘ to round up ‘enemies of America within‘? As Mike Adams reports in this recent story over at Natural News, it should be very clear to President Trump by now that there is an open rebellion against his presidency.

The Insurrection Act, passed by Congress in 1807, allows the president to deploy National Guard and U.S. military troops to combat “rebellion” against the United States of America. The Act has been invoked by other presidents to quell violent uprisings such as the L.A. Riots.

It is clear that President Trump now recognizes the open rebellion against America being committed by the Governor of California, mayors of “sanctuary cities” and fake news “journo-terrorists” who are brainwashing Americans to hate their own country. The ongoing land invasion of the United States of America is an act of war being openly supported by Democrats and Leftists who are using illegal immigration to nullify U.S. voters and overrun the United States with anti-American militants, criminals and terrorists. (See for frequent updates on the coming civil war.) As Stewart Rhodes from Oath Keepers has accurately described, the illegal immigration is designed to import terror cells who plan to carry out a “Tet Offensive” inside the United States, once activated by enemies and traitors who are literally seeking the complete destruction of America.

It has also become obvious over the past few months that the tech giants are waging a coordinated conspiracy to nullify U.S. elections and crush democracy by selectively silencing all conservative voices on the dominant online platforms. This illegal conspiracy — pursued by Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple and other tech giants — represents an online insurrection against the United States of America, which is why I have repeatedly called for the deployment of military police to arrest the CEOs of these tech companies and force the platforms to respect the First Amendment liberties of theAmerican people.

It is time for Trump to deploy the military police to arrest Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey. And that’s just the start of what needs to happen to restore our democracy and the freedom to speak.

Adams story then went on to call out the ‘enemies of America within‘ who have sold out the American people and almost succeeded at taking down our nation from within, an absolute ‘must‘ for their final implementation of ‘global government‘ being taking down the ‘strongest nation standing‘.

And with Barack Obama having had 8 years to build up a ‘deep state‘ that Dr. Peter Vincent Pry warned within this ANP storyhad a red thread running through it“, while the ‘deep state‘ had been working to build up their own propaganda mouthpiece, the mainstream media, for decades, it’s easy to see how their control over the flow of information has allowed them to get as far along as they have. Once again, from Mike Adams crucial story we see just how ‘implanted‘ they are.:

Here’s a list of the enemies of America who are committing treason in an actual war effort to destroy this nation from within.

All of these traitors must be identified, detained and removed from power by authorized forces before they succeed in destroying this nation:

Corrupt liberal judges who defy the President’s efforts to secure the U.S. border. It is time to arrest corrupt, anti-American judges and remove them from power.

Journo-terrorists who pretend to be journalists but are actually anti-American traitors spreading lies, hatred and insanity to indoctrinate liberals and leftists, whipping them up into an attempted “cultural revolution” that has literally driven millions of Leftists to the point of mass mental illness.

CEOs and top managers of the tech giants, which have now sold out to communist China and are using their power to selectively silence pro-America voices across all search engines, social media and online platforms. These tech giants must be occupied and either shut down or forced to respect a level playing field of online speech.

Antifa terrorists and other radical left-wing groups that promise an armed insurrection to attempt to overthrow the United States of America.

Deep state operatives who conspired to carry out a political coup against President Trump. (James Comey, Robert Mueller, John Brennan, etc.)

Liberal university professors who use their positions of influence to actively recruit students into domestic terrorism organizations such as Antifa.

It’s long been warned that any arrests of deep state treasonists might be the final straw that pushed the rapidly maddening left over the edge and as we see within this conclusion to our story, Adams warns immediately of more leftist violence upon law-abiding Conservatives, Christians and President Trump supporters in the 1st video below.

In this Summer of 2010 story over at the Middle East Forum that Steve Quayle had linked to Monday morning we got a huge reminder about just who John Brennan is, a reminder that the mainstream media will never admit to with Brennan a long time intelligence ‘expert‘ on MSNBC despite the fact that he’s a stooge for jihad, calling jihad ‘a holy struggle‘, as Middle East Forum reported.

Will the arrests of Comey, Brennan and other ‘deep state traitors‘ and the msm trigger the left to the ‘point of no return‘?

The radical Left is about to be triggered by the treasonous, deep-state run “mainstream” media to launch an attempted communist revolution and violent coup against America.

Trump fully realizes that a war against America has already begun, and he has decided to take decisive action to defend America using legitimate military forces and all the executive power available to the Commander in Chief.

Once Trump initiates the Insurrection Act, the lawless, deranged Left will immediately declare Trump to be a “military dictator” while calling for Leftists to take to the streets in armed rebellion against the rule of law. Leftists will open fire on Trump supporters, bomb government buildings and attempt to executive police officers and National Guard troops which are deployed to defend America.

Pro-Trump Americans need to be prepared to defend themselves against the violence of the lawless Left. The radical Left is an authoritarian, anti-American cult that has also demonstrated its dangerous lawlessness by censoring all online speech that opposes the deranged delusions of the progressive Left. This is an indicator of their true intent: Total authoritarian rule, complete with speech police and the elimination of those with opposing views. The Left has zero intention of respecting the rule of law, the Bill of Rights or any election laws whatsoever. Every election from this day forward will be stolen or fraudulently altered by Leftists who hate America and despise all pro-American patriots.

It is time for President Trump to deploy the military police to arrest and remove from power all those in government who are actively engaged in acts of treason, sedition and vote fraud. California’s political leaders must be arrested and prosecuted for running a massive vote fraud conspiracy that attempts to steal elections from American citizens.

So with the months of May and June to bring the expected release of the IG’s report on the FISA abuse investigation, we pray that everybody is ready for whatever may come as mainstream media induced madness sweep over the land as Americans finally get a REAL taste of ‘reality TVas Judge Jeanine recently stated, “this will be the real thing, no scripts, no rehearsals, just a gang of criminals pointing their fingers at each other“. And as Adams’ story concludes, it’s importnat that President Trump knows that the American people have his back as we plow through this absolutely crucial moment in American history.

It is crucial that President Trump knows he has widespread support from the American people

As all of this is about to go down, it is crucial that President Trump knows he has widespread support from the American people to take the actions necessary to defend this nation from its domestic enemies.

We the People will be tasked with supporting these efforts as Trump works to clean house and root out the treasonous traitors who are conspiring to destroy this great nation.

If we all succeed, we may once again restore democracy and the rule of law to America. If we fail, America falls to the authoritarian tyrants, and the nation will be deliberately dismantled and fed to the globalists.

We are now fighting for our lives. We are blessed to have Donald J. Trump as our President as America faces off against treasonous actors, deep state traitors and authoritarian globalists who despise this nation and what it stands for.

Be ready to literally fight for our survival and the defense of our nation. The end game has arrived, and California will be the front lines in the coming war.

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