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International Olympic Committee adds VIDEO GAMES to “e-sports” lineup: No athletic ability required

International Olympic Committee adds VIDEO GAMES to “e-sports” lineup: No athletic ability required

(Natural News) Especially now that so many real athletes are dying suddenly due to Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” and thus can no longer participate, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is expanding its “e-sports” division to include new video game competitions for non-athletes who are really good at pressing buttons while looking at a screen.

The Olympic Esports Finals, as they are calling it, will now include the addition of Fortnite, a popular video game from which the IOC has developed a special new sharpshooting competition, which will take place on Fortnite Creative Island.

The game is said to be closer to a traditional Olympic target shooting match than it is to the normal video game, but it is still an e-sport that does not require the same level of athletic vigor that normal Olympic games like gymnastics and figure skating do.

“The addition of Fortnite to the Olympic Esports Series is part of our broader effort to foster e-sports and connect with the video game community,” the IOC said in an announcement. “This peaceful competition with a physical equivalent aligns with our goals for the future of digital sports.”

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Everything is going digital – even sports

According to reports, this expansion into Fortnite aims to draw more gamers into Olympic participation, even though they are not real athletes. Many children today are too obese to even play real sports, so this is apparently their digital alternative.

“On a Fortnite Creative Island that has been specially created for the event, twelve Champion Series players will compete in a sharpshooting competition supported by the International Shooting Sport Federation,” one report explains.

“Fans may still anticipate seeing some of the greatest virtual sport shooters in action, even though conventional last-one-standing clashes and building displays won’t be there.”

The Olympic Esports Week in 2023 is scheduled to feature the first live finals of the competition, for which ticket sales have already begun. Running from June 22 to June 25, those interested in watching both children and adults play Fortnite can pay the equivalent of $7.50 for a single day or $15 for the entire three-day event.

Viewers can also watch the Fortnite players play via streaming at both Olympics.com and various Olympics social media platforms.

To give the IOC some credit, Fortnite and the nine other games included in the Olympic Esports Series are all designed to closely match the real-world sports that are overseen by international federations. Other games include Just Dance, Gran Turismo racing, Zwift cycling, and web chess.

All of this stems from the “pandemic,” of course, which is when the so-called Olympic Virtual series, featuring five virtual sports, was first unveiled in 2021. Since everyone was stuck at home due to government lies and fearmongering, the IOC came up with a digital alternative.

“I grew up on the Atari 800 and NES. I still play video games today. My current avatar is from Final Fantasy. And I will say this: There is no such thing as ‘esports,’” one commenter wrote in response to the news. “VIDEO GAMES ARE NOT SPORTS.”

“Can’t wait to hear how all the second-tier men not good enough to make it on the men’s team compete as women breaking all their records and taking home the gold,” joked another about the potential transgender invasion of Olympic e-sports. “I won’t be watching.”

“It’s a bit like claiming that gambling or bowling is a sport,” wrote another about the lunacy of trying to turn video games into “sports.”

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