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Internet sleuth reveals over 23,000 Pennsylvania ballots were filled out and returned – even before being mailed out

Internet sleuth reveals over 23,000 Pennsylvania ballots were filled out and returned – even before being mailed out

(Natural News) A citizen journalist found that more than 23,000 Pennsylvania mail-in ballots were filled out and returned even before they were sent. Internet sleuth “Greg On The Right” initially posted his findings through three videos on TikTok, but the social media platform took them down. He then posted the videos on his Twitter account, where it subsequently gained traction.

“Greg” explained in his first video that he obtained his information directly from the Pennsylvania government website. The website contained almost 3.1 million entries, which “Greg” exported into a spreadsheet. He was cut off at about 1 million rows, which gave him about a third of the total data set available in the Pa. government website.

The second video elaborated on the numbers “Greg” found after creating columns to organize the data he obtained. He found that the Pa. government sent out more than 3 million absentee ballots to voters statewide. Of this number, more than 540,000 mail-in ballots were never returned for counting.

Ballots mailed out by the government which voters received and filled out on the same day amounted to almost 35,000 ballots. There were 24,000 mail-in ballots approved, sent, received and filled out by voters on the same day. Meanwhile, 23,000 ballots were filled out and returned for counting even before they reached the post office. Lastly, there were 9,000 ballots from nowhere returned for counting even though they were not mailed out.

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In the third video, the sleuth explained how a voter returned a ballot for counting two days before the Pa. state government ever sent it to the post office. (Related: Rudy Giuliani vows to ‘expose corruption’ and ‘voter fraud’ by Democrats in PA.)

The Knox Tea Party informed “Greg” when he posted his three videos on Twitter that the Pa. government removed the election data set from its website. “Greg” later told 100 Percent Fed Up that the data “appears to have been moved” behind a paywall, with a $20 access fee to be paid.

Report appears to back up the information “Greg” posted

A Nov. 11 article by Petr Svab of The Epoch Times appears to back up what “Greg” revealed in his investigation. However, Svab’s take involved a data researcher who looked at the same Pennsylvania voter records but initially submitted his findings to the paper’s Chinese-language version.

The researcher also talked to several United States Postal Service (USPS) field engineers, who remarked that the same-day delivery times indicated in the database were “impossible.” According to the article, impossible and improbable return dates signify there is an anomaly with either the database or the absentee ballots.

The data researcher also found that at least 31 people born between 1900 and 1907 based on the state’s records returned ballots – older than the state’s known oldest person, 113-year-old Ardith Grose. About 20 supposedly supercentenarian voters had a Jan. 1, 1900 birth date. Further scrutiny found that the extremely old voters were mostly registered Democrats.

Prior to “Greg” and the anonymous data researcher finding out irregularities in Pa. through its government website, internet sleuths from the 4chan forum pointed out the presence of extremely old and deceased voters in Michigan’s voter rolls. 4chan users scrutinized the Mich. state government website and found that at least four voters in the state born before 1902 cast their vote during the 2020 elections. One of the voters was born in 1850 – before the Civil War began. (Related:

William Bradley, who was born in 1902, was another voter in the list who faced scrutiny. Records show that he last updated his voter registration in 2002 and cast his first vote in 2020. However, his son William T. Bradley clarified that his father died in 1984 – which Social Security Administration records corroborated. gives you the latest news about irregularities in the past elections coming to light.

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