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Interview: Tracy Beanz Discusses Devin Nunes $435 Million CNN Lawsuit

Interview: Tracy Beanz Discusses Devin Nunes $435 Million CNN Lawsuit

Gary Franchi interviewed Tracy Beanz on Friday to discuss the $435+ Million lawsuit that Devin Nunes has against CNN.

Here’s the interview:

For those of you who went into hiding the last two weeks and hoped to avoid the impeachment circus, I was right there with you.

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I made it a few hours and was forced to come out for food.

I could have died!

Here is more discussion from Nunes courtesy of Fox News:

Here’s more details about the lawsuit from The Washington Times:

Rep. Devin Nunes filed a defamation lawsuit Tuesday against CNN for its Nov. 22 “demonstrably false hit piece” that said the California Republican traveled to Vienna in 2018 to dig up dirt on former Vice President Joseph R. Biden.

Devin Nunes did not go to Vienna or anywhere else in Austria in 2018,” declares the lawsuit seeking $435 million in damages. He said he visited two countries: Libya and Malta on a congressional delegation, or “codel.”

The CNN story said Mr. Nunes supposedly met with former Ukrainian chief prosecutor Viktor Shokin.

Devin Nunes has never met Viktor Shokin,” says the complaint, filed in U.S. District Court in Richmond. “This meeting never took place. Viktor Shokin doesn’t know and hasn’t even heard of Devin Nunes.”

CNN also reported that Mr. Nunes began communicating with Lev Parnas around the time. He is a Soviet-born U.S. citizen and Florida businessman who became a source for Rudolph W. Giuliani, President Trump’s personal attorney. Mr. Giuliani was investigating Ukraine’s involvement in the 2016 election

Devin Nunes did not communicate with Parnas in December 2018,” the suit states.

“CNN is the mother of fake news,” the lawsuit says. “It is the least trusted name. CNN is eroding the fabric of America, proselytizing, sowing distrust and disharmony. It must be held accountable.”

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Would a $435 judgment make CNN shut its doors forever?


Has anyone else noticed that CNN has tried to distance itself from impeachment lately? They were doing this even before Nunes came after them.

They should not have messed with Devin Nunes.

Nunes means business and CNN should be very afraid.

What happens when the least trusted name in news is sued by the biggest pitbull in congress?

Stay tuned America.

This could get interesting.

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