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IRONIC? Washington state’s black “equity director” fired after investigation revealed she is RACIST and SEXIST

IRONIC? Washington state’s black “equity director” fired after investigation revealed she is RACIST and SEXIST

(Natural News) There is more trouble in Jay Inslee land where the “anti-racist director of the Office of Equity” was fired from her job for engaging in racist, sexist behavior on the job.

Dr. Karen Johnson, a black woman who was hired as Washington state’s “equity director” back in 2021, was let go on May 17 by Gov. Inslee after an internal investigation found that she had engaged in “inappropriate conduct,” which included “inappropriate or insensitive comments.”

In one instance, Johnson reprimanded a female employee for having braids in her hair, claiming that it is “cultural appropriation” to do so when non-black. Johnson also accused some employees of being “paternalistic” during a meeting, then became “infuriated” when another employee on the call indicated that she did not know what Johnson meant by the use of “paternalistic.”

Johnson also reportedly went around the office “alluding” to employees that she was receiving personal messages from “God.” In various instances, Johnson would tell other employees that “God had instructed her to hire them and that they would be disappointing God by not accepting the role.”

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Johnson also told a Mexican employee that it would “take some time” for her to personally accept said employee at the office because “I generally distrust Mexican people,” were her exact words to the employee.

“Mexican people have the option of being white when it is convenient for them,” Johnson would go on to state to the Mexican employee.

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Karen Johnson: just another unqualified “diversity” hire

The investigation into Johnson’s abhorrent behavior hinged upon more than a dozen witness testimonies and 2,649 pages of documentation, which also show that Johnson “was disorganized and lacked adequate structure and process.”

Since the office was first set up in 2021, Johnson being its first head, five of its 17 employees have resigned. All of them indicated that the reasoning for their departures had to do with “a chaotic, overburdened, and disrespectful workplace culture created by Dr. Johnson.”

Besides a total lack of organizational process and procedures, Johnson was a micromanager, according to these employees. She also lacked a proper work-life balance, while all the time making “inappropriate and insensitive comments.”

In one instance, Johnson “publicly chastised” one of her employees for attending a meeting that the person had been invited to at the governor’s office without first getting her permission to do so by Johnson. Another said he or she was “shamed” by Johnson in both a private meeting and in public.

Numerous people told investigators that Johnson regularly engaged in “biased and insensitive conduct,” including constant stereotyping and biases based on gender, Hispanic ancestry, and “tokenism related to military veteran status.”

Johnson responded to all this by claiming that the staff she was given “did not have the skill set needed to operate with emotional maturity.”

“[My] staff operated like they needed a boss to tell them what to do,” reads a statement from Johnson. “They could not operate at the speed of trust with character and competence.”

Johnson would also “generally distrust” her two Mexican employees for their Hispanic ancestry, which even though she is black and is given way more leeway in this regard than a white person would get, is both unacceptable and illegal in the workplace.

“If this decision means that, by default, what has been said about me without me stands as fact, so be it,” Johnson added in a statement.

“I must keep a clear conscious by not participating in this triangulating behavior, one of my non-negotiables. My truth is that I am more than willing to make myself available to meet with you and the person(s) bringing the allegation(s) / concern(s), as is my custom. Seeking reconciliation is more important to me than seeking to prove who is right. My destiny depends on this decision and destiny demands that I move forward.”

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