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Israel Bombs Multiple Targets On Border

Israel Bombs Multiple Targets On Border



Eight people were reportedly killed in airstrikes against Iranian militias along the border between Syrian and Iraq, according to Ynet that quoted the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Trucks and militants were targeted in the airstrikes on Thursday night, according to the Beirut-based TV station Al Mayadeen. Violent explosions were heard in the area and “enemy planes” were seen above the city Al-Bukamal shortly before, according to the report.

Local news source DeirEzzor24 stated that target of the bombing is believed to have been a weapons shipment to Hezbollah in the border area, JPost reports.
According to Ynet, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an organization which opposes the regime of Bashar Al-Assad and his allies in Iran and the pro-Iranian militia Hezbollah, reported that non-identified fighter jets struck warehouses and equipment belonging to pro-Iranian militias. Its report added that according to their sources, Russian President Vladimir Putin informed Assad that the United States intended to close the land-route between Tehran and Beirut, which goes through Al Bukamal.

The Iranian militia group the ‘Imam Ali’ brigade report they were struck by 2 aircraft in al-Bukamal on the Syria/Iraq border.

Reports that Israeli jets carried out the strikes.

Strong explosions heard on the Syrian/Iraqi border with reports of airstrikes

This would not be the first time that #Israel has targeted this area and adds up, we await more confirmation.

(Looking more and more like weapons for Iranian backed groups were destroyed by airstrikes near the Syrian-Iraqi border, would explain the targeting of trucks & scattered areas targeted.)

(Almost every day for the last week there has been false alerts of strikes on the Syrian-Iraqi border, this evening its real.)

Israeli jets now over #Lebanon

Al-Mayadeen confirming several injured or killed in the airstrikes

Israeli strike destroying missiles (not rockets) that were destined to be moved near their border. Also reports that several warehouses were bombed too.

A truck was bombed which resulted in a secondary explosion. Definitely a weapons shipment.

Imam Ali Brigades (an Iraqi group backed by Iran) potentially has taken casualties tonight. They’ve reinforced their contingent in Bukamal recently according to locals.

Israeli Air Force used F-35 Adir aircraft in the last attack on #IRGC in #Al_bukamal

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