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Oregon’s tyrannical dictator governor has ordered the slaves of the state to wear their ritualistic shame muzzles outdoors. Kate Brown has announced a statewide mask mandate requiring most Oregonians, regardless of vaccination status, to wear masks outdoors.

Does that mean the “vaccine” that’s not even a vaccine doesn’t work? Or is this simply about seeing which of the slaves living in Oregon will comply with the draconian demands of the state’s dictator? But don’t worry. The COVID virus is so intelligent, it knows when to attack. The mandate doesn’t go into effect until Friday, even though Brown said it was to “protect” Oregonians.

So why do the “vaccinated” need masks then? Didn’t the Food and Drug Administration fully approve this gene therapy drug that Pfizer has no liability for even if someone dies from it? If the vaccine works, why does anyone, vaccinated or not, need to mask up? If it offers immunity, those who took the jab are fine and aren’t supposed to be able to get it in order to spread it to those who haven’t taken it. We know they are lying. This doesn’t make any sense at all anymore, and they just don’t care. They are likely seeing which slaves will comply.

Some of the slaves in Oregon are exempt, however. Homeless people, children under five, people actively eating and drinking, or people playing competitive sports will not have to comply. Because this is the most intelligent virus ever invented by the ruling class.

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The mandate will apply in all outdoor settings where people are unable to consistently maintain physical distance from each other. People walking alone or with family in open parks and on trails, for example, will not have to mask up.

More than 55% of Oregonians aged 18 and over are fully vaccinated against Covid-19, and over 60% have had at least one dose of a vaccine. These people will have to wear masks regardless.

Despite the high uptake in vaccination, Oregon is currently experiencing higher weekly Covid case numbers than at any time during the pandemic to date, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. Deaths, however, remain lower than they were at the beginning of the year, with the seven-day daily average currently standing at 11, compared to 28 in mid-January. -RT

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This is beyond ridiculous at this point. Continue to use critical thinking. This won’t end until we are permanently enslaved or figure out we don’t need to be ruled. There will be no gray area this time. Our choice is freedom or slavery and the illusion of freedom we lived under until 2020 has been shattered. This is still ramping up. So stay aware and alert and make any last-minute preps before winter.


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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: August 25th, 2021

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Article by Mac Slavo

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