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IT’S ON: 228 Democrats declare open war on the American people by voting to impeach President Donald J. Trump without a shred of supporting evidence

IT’S ON: 228 Democrats declare open war on the American people by voting to impeach President Donald J. Trump without a shred of supporting evidence

(Natural News) Open war on the American people has just been declared by the Democrats in the House, with a 228-member vote to impeach President Donald J. Trump over fabricated “thought crimes” supported by zero evidence.

“This is a stunning abuse of power and a shameless travesty of justice that will stain the reputations of those responsible for generations to come,” said Rep. Tom McClintock today. “Our Bill of Rights guarantees every American the right to confront their accuser, to call witnesses in their defense, to be protected from hearsay, and to defend these rights in court. The Democrats have trampled them all in their stampede to impeach.”

Let there be no doubt that the Democrats are coming for all of us who believe in the Constitution, democracy, equal justice and the rule of law. If they succeed in removing Trump, they will immediately seek to impeach Kavanaugh and Gorsuch. They will attempt to impeach Mike Pence and try to install Nancy Pelosi as president, and they will come for your guns and your Bibles, having long ago decided that both Christians and gun owners must be exterminated from their new left-wing authoritarian society which exhibits tolerance toward no one except their own obedient cultists and fanatics. (Democrats are now the most dangerous bigots, racists and fascists our nation has ever known.)

A MUST-WATCH video features GOP Rep. Clay Higgins laying out the harsh truth of what monsters the democrats have become, courtesy of Brighteon.com:

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“I have descended into the belly of the beast, I have witnessed the terror within, and I rise, committed to oppose the insidious forces which threaten our republic. America is being severely injured by this betrayal, by this unjust and weaponized impeachment, brought upon us by the same socialists who threaten unborn life in the womb, who threaten First Amendment rights of conservatives, who threaten Second Amendment protections of every American patriot, and who had long ago determined that they would organize and conspire to overthrow President Trump.”

Don’t think the Democrats will stop with removing Trump from power, if they even succeed in that. Their real goal is to get Trump out of the way so they can destroy YOU.

They want to see you dead in a ditch. In their minds, you have no right to exist, and you certainly have no right to interfere in their “vision” of their utopian, communist society run by corrupt, crack-smoking elitists like Hunter Biden, who rules over the impoverished, street-shi##ing masses of liberal city occupants that are only allowed to visit websites which are “approved” by the authoritarian tech giants.

That’s why this impeachment fiasco isn’t even about Trump himself. Trump is just in the way of what the dangerous Left really wants to accomplish. What the Left really wants is the complete eradication of all conservative speech, conservative thought and conservative citizens. If they have to silence your speech through censorship, they’ve already proven that have no problem doing that. If they have to arrest you and take your guns at gunpoint, that’s no problem for them, either. If they have to bulldoze mass graves and gun down Trump supporters en masse, then throw them in those ditches, have no illusions this is not beyond the real desires of the Democrats. They are lawless tyrants. There is absolutely nothing they won’t do to seize power and destroy all who oppose them.

And they place zero value on your life. The way we know this is true is because they also place zero value on the lives of their own supporters. They think even less of their political opponents, which means they hate your very existence and quietly dream of putting a bullet in your skull and dragging your limp body through a mass grave, to pile your lifeless limbs on top of all the other “MAGA” supporters they already shot in their quest for total political obedience and domination. (This is what communists always do sooner or later. Read history.)

Democrats will push as far as you allow them. They absolutely will not stop until the American people learn to stand their ground and fight back against the tyranny, lawlessness, lunacy and mass mental illness of the radical Left. This goes for Christians, too, who have sat back for too many years, pretending that praying for Democrats would maybe stop the rise of demonism and anti-Christian bigotry that now characterizes the Democrat party. God isn’t going to stop the Democrats if you sit around and do nothing. God wants you to save yourself from tyranny, and he’s given you two hands, two eyes and the means to use tools where necessary to defend your life, your church and your community against the left-wing demons who seek your utter extermination. No one is coming to save you — not even Jesus — if you aren’t willing to take action to save yourself. (God condemns those who fail to take action in the face of a direct threat. Many of your churches have already forsaken God and now serve His enemy by teaching you to remain docile while your nation is being overrun and your brethren are being exterminated on a global scale.)

Remember: The democrats have just declared war on the United States of America, the very first nation founded on Christian principles of liberty, free will and freedom from tyranny. This war on America is a war against all free people… it’s even a war against consciousness and the freedom to think, since Trump has been essentially impeached for a “thought crime.”

Right now, Nancy Pelosi is threatening to withhold the articles of impeachment from the U.S. Senate in order to prevent the Senate from even taking up the indictment and holding a trial which would likely lead to exoneration of the president. Pelosi is doing this, of course, as yet another lawless tactic of left-wing tyranny, hoping to obstruct justice yet again and deny the U.S. Senate the opportunity to rebuke the malicious impeachment pursued by the House.

All democrats are liars. They lie as an extension of who they are inside; dark-hearted, malicious, forked-tongued serpents of deceit who can only succeed in gaining power through obfuscation and destruction.

They’re demons, and these DEMONcrats have just declared war on YOU, the law-abiding, honest, hard-working American who voted to put Trump in power to try to drain the swamp of these wretched creatures.

Is it time yet for the American people to rise up and seek the arrest and indictment of all 228 Democrats who just committed treason?

Zolna thinks so. I’ve never seen him this animated (fast forward to the 3 min. mark, profanity warning):

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