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Japan Health Ministry issues HEART WARNING for Pfizer and Moderna covid vaccines

Japan Health Ministry issues HEART WARNING for Pfizer and Moderna covid vaccines

(Natural News) The Japan Health Ministry has been receiving several reports of young people developing severe heart inflammation after taking the Pfizer or Modern mRNA vaccines. The public health officials recently held a meeting with a panel of experts to discuss the rate of myocarditis and pericarditis in young men and teenagers. All over the world, previously healthy athletes, coaches and referees have been collapsing on the field with heart problems. Japan is seeing similar cardiovascular issues in young and middle aged men.

Japan Health Ministry warns about myocarditis coming from the mRNA vaccines

The Japan’s Health Ministry finds that the “the Moderna and Pfizer covid vaccines could cause heart-related side effects in younger males.” The agency is investigating an uptick in cases of heart inflammation that require hospitalization. Young teens and adults, who are at no risk to severe covid infection, are lining up for ineffective vaccines and getting damaged by the them. Incidences of inflammation in the cardiac muscle and the outer lining of the heart are on the rise.

According to the official data recorded by the Japan Health Ministry as of November 14, 2021, for every one million male teens who are inoculated by the Moderna shot, there are 80 cases of myocarditis! The agency did not report the rate of myocarditis in females. For men in their 20s, there are 48 cases of myocarditis for every one million doses. The covid mRNA vaccines are the most dangerous vaccines on the market. The Pfizer shot exhibited similar issues, causing 15 cases of myocarditis per 1 million doses in male teens and 13 cases of myocarditis per 1 million doses in men in their 20s.

Instead of pulling the vaccine from the market, the Japan Health Ministry agreed to add a warning to the documents that are attached to the vaccines. Hospitals will have to report any incidents of people who develop symptoms within 28 days of being vaccinated. How many young people have to suffer before these bioweapons are disposed of and incinerated?

Myocarditis risk also identified in Israel

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This data coincides with myocarditis cases officially reported in Israel. A study titled, “Myocarditis after Covid-19 Vaccination in a Large Health Care Organization” finds that the Pfizer vaccine elicits 21.3 cases of myocarditis per 1 million people in the general population. The study investigated 2.5 million vaccinated people in the Clalit Health Services, the largest health care organization in Israel. Israelis who received at least one dose of the Pfizer are at increased risk of developing myocarditis, especially if they are young. There were approximately 100 cases of myocarditis per 1 million people in the 16- to 29-year-old age group. Despite overwhelming evidence of vaccine failure and heart damage, Israel is pushing for another round of shots and coaxing children to destroy their health.

Spike protein mRNA pulls the oxygen out of the red blood cells

Spike protein mRNA can be seen pulling the oxygen right out of the red blood cells in simple microscopic investigations. Dr. Richard Fleming obtained red blood cell samples from an individual and placed them under the microscope in two different settings. One setting was saline solution and one was Pfizer’s spike protein mRNA.

“What we unfortunately discovered was that when the Pfizer vaccine is added, the red blood cells lose their red color. This means either the oxygen is being pulled out of the cells, or the hemoglobin itself is being broken down in the cells,” Fleming said. When the blood comes into contact with the vaccine, the red blood cells lose their color, becoming pale. After the oxygen is sucked out, the red blood cells begin to coalesce, clotting right under the microscope. “You can see the movement of the cells in the Pfizer vaccine solution. The first time that I did it, my response was ‘this is very disconcerting.’”

Dr. Fleming explains the mechanisms of this bioweapon shot in a Health Ranger interview:

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