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Joe Biden may not be installed in the White House, suggests DNI John Ratcliffe

Joe Biden may not be installed in the White House, suggests DNI John Ratcliffe

(Natural News) Appearing on a recent segment of “Sunday Morning Futures” with Maria Bartiromo, Director of National Intelligence (DNI) John Ratcliffe made the suggestion that Joe Biden could end up losing the election.

While discussing issues related to communist Chinese influence over the election and Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the Russia probe, Ratcliffe responded to a question from Bartiromo about how the “Biden administration” would deal with issues of national security by stating:

“These election issues, we’ll see who is in what seats and whether there is a Biden administration.”

In other words, Ratcliffe is not so sure that there will even be a Biden administration, despite the mainstream media coronating him as the election “winner.”

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This is a bold statement for Ratcliffe to make, and one that he did not appear to make lightly. Ratcliffe would seem to know that some pretty big things are happening behind the scenes that could derail Democrat efforts to steal the White House from President Donald Trump.

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So far one criminal charge has come out of Durham investigation, and it is very minor

Concerning the Durham investigation, Ratcliffe is petitioning for an interim report to be published right away, especially since the left is desperately trying to derail the investigation.

“[House Intelligence] Chairman [Adam] Schiff has indicated he thinks that the Durham investigation should end, which is exactly why an interim report would be appropriate,” Ratcliffe told Bartiromo.

“It would show whether or not there’s a good-faith basis to continue. It would protect the work that’s been done. So I would encourage my colleagues over at the Department of Justice and at the FBI and, in particular, now Special Counsel Durham to consider doing that, so that the American people can get the full accounting that they deserve.”

Attorney General William Barr announced publicly this week that Durham was appointed as Special Counsel to investigate the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation back in October. Durham is slated to continue his probe into the next administration, regardless of whose administration it is.

Thus far, one criminal charge has come out of the investigation. Former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith is accused of altering an email related to the surveillance of a former Trump campaign aide, however this charge does not allege a broader conspiracy within the FBI.

Ratcliffe says illegal spying occurred, it’s just a matter of determining how much

According to Ratcliffe, additional indictments should soon be on the way, based on the evidence he has personally seen. However, it will be up to Durham to decide as he is the investigator.

“Look, it’s not a question anymore whether or not there was illegal spying,” Ratcliffe is quoted as saying.

“It’s just a question now of how wide and how deep it was, and I know John Durham has been investigating that, and I’m confident and I’ve said that based on what I’ve seen I think there should be additional indictments.”

During his tenure as DNI, Ratcliffe declassified a trove of documents that Trump allies believe is significant, containing evidence that allegedly shows an investigation into the president and his 2016 campaign was unwarranted.

Ratcliffe says that the Trump-Russia collusion narrative was based not in fact but in conspiracy, “a narrative created by Democrats – specifically the Clinton campaign,” he alleges.

Declassified handwritten notes belonging to former CIA Director John Brennan appear to show Clinton’s “plan” to ensnare then-candidate Trump as supposedly colluding with Russia in order to distract the public “from her use of a private email server.”

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