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Josh Sigurdson: Closures of fast food chains signal looming global STARVATION

Josh Sigurdson: Closures of fast food chains signal looming global STARVATION

(Natural News) Several fast food chains are declaring bankruptcy and closing both dining locations and corporate offices across the country due to “under-performance” brought about by economic uncertainties. For World Alternative Media‘s (WAM) Josh Sigurdson, this is a sign of worse things to come.

He remarked that while health and environment advocates could see this as a cause for celebration, others do not. Sigurdson added that people aren’t paying attention to what comes next if Americans cannot afford to eat even the “cheapest junk food.”

“If the food that the poorest people can afford no matter how bad it is goes down, the next step is leading to the collapse of even the largest food corporations. It gets to the point where there is starvation,” he said. “We’re at this point where we will be getting food rations with mRNA … and I think this is a very dangerous precedent.”

“Humanity is based on individualism and freedom, but the end goal is to starve you out. So you’re dependent on them by bankrupting [you] and going after your money – so that you accept CBDCs [central bank digital currencies]. And there comes the Great Reset.”

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Sigurdson emphasized various measures the globalists use to attack the food supply, starve humanity and gain control. These policies, he added, are touted as purportedly beneficial for people’s health and the climate. These include the promotion of lab-grown and synthetic meat and insect-based proteins, which globalists such as Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab are aggressively pushing.

Fast food franchises raising the white flag

Sigurdson read an article from the Daily Mail about fast food giant Burger King’s plan to close up to 400 stores by the end of 2023. The piece noted that two franchises had already declared bankruptcy. (Related: Burger King to close up to 400 locations in 2023.)

Burger King CEO Joshua Kobza said under-performing stores and franchisees will be the first ones to be closed. Patrick Doyle, the company’s chairman, seconded Kobza’s remarks.

“There will always be a minority [of franchisees] who aren’t dedicated, enthusiastic operators,” Doyle said. “We’ll work with them to leave the system and move on to do something else.”

Sigurdson pointed out that Burger King and Canadian coffee shop chain Tim Horton’s are owned by the same company. Moreover, he mentioned that the problem is not limited to Burger King alone – adding that McDonald’s is also in the same field. “McDonald’s is also closing its field offices in the U.S. as it moves to a national model,” the WAM founder said.

The Wall Street Journal reported in April that McDonald’s Corp. has temporarily closed its U.S. offices. Corporate employees of the fast food giant were also informed about impending layoffs as part of a broader company restructuring. McDonald’s has more than 150,000 employees in its corporate offices and company-owned restaurants, with about 70 percent of them based outside the United States.

Another fast food franchisee also filed for bankruptcy and closed 39 locations as part of its filing. Summit Restaurant Holdings, which is owned by CKE Restaurants, once operated more than 145 Hardee’s locations prior to the bankruptcy filing.

However, rising food and labor costs alongside loss in foot traffic due to the pandemic brought the franchisee to its knees. Summit Restaurant Holdings is now seeking a buyer for its remaining 108 restaurants to avoid further closures.

Sigurdson ultimately remarked that the closure of fast food chains such as Burger King, McDonald’s and Hardee’s means they can no longer afford to do business in America. has more stories about the bankruptcy and closures of different fast food chains.

Watch the full episode of “World Alternative Media” with Josh Sigurdson below.

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